5 commonly used uses of titanium rods

Titanium is a very light, smooth and durable metal. Titanium rods are widely used in manufacturing to make products durable, smooth and long-lasting. Titanium rods are produced from sponge titanium through a series of processing. The first step is to produce titanium sponge, which involves the chlorination of chlorinated rutile ore, the titanium chloride is obtained from beach sand. Coke and chlorine are mixed with rutile to form titanium tetrachloride, which then reacts with magnesium in a closed system. The vacuum distillation process is used to remove magnesium and magnesium in order to recycle them.

In an electron beam furnace or a vacuum arc furnace, the sponge melts with alloying elements such as aluminum, vanadium, tin, zirconium, and molybdenum. It will produce re-die-cast electrodes, which can be die-cast or VAR smelted into slabs-titanium rods are obtained by further processing the cast or forged slabs. The following are five uses of titanium rods:

Aerospace industry

Titanium rods and sheets are commonly used in the aerospace industry. Titanium rods are also used in the frame structure of aircraft. Titanium rods are also used in the moving parts of aircraft engines and propellers. The aerospace industry is the largest market for titanium rods and products.

Portable computer portable computer

Manufacturers use titanium rods because of its industrialized, modern and shiny appearance. Apple uses titanium bars in the body of the PowerBook laptop. Notebook computer manufacturers use titanium in different processes in the manufacture of notebook computers. The notebook computer industry is the largest consumer of thin titanium rods.


Titanium rods are very light and strong, which is why armor manufacturers use titanium rods in the manufacturing process to make armor lightweight and easy to wear. Armor manufacturers use titanium rods in different types of applications to reduce weight and make products more durable.

Art and architecture

The rugged appearance of the ti bar makes it a popular choice for sculptures and buildings. Titanium rods and thin plates are specially used in skyscrapers. Titanium bars are used to support buildings. For example, Italy uses titanium to stabilize and support the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Titanium industrial applications are very large. The industrial manufacturing industry is the largest consumer of titanium rods. Titanium's durability, light weight, corrosion and heat resistance, and cost-effectiveness make it a top priority for the industry. Various titanium parts are used in the industry. Oil mining, power plants and mining and processing plants all use titanium.

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