5gallon bottle holder mould

SinoPM is a professional manufacturer for injection molds and injection molding machines,we offer turnkey project for the injection molding line.For example,for the bottle production line,we supply our custoemr PET preform mould,PET injection molding machines,blow mould and blowing machines with other necessary additional machines.

We have make all the parts for 5gallon bottle,include 5gallon cap mould,5gallon handle mould,5gallon holder mould,5gallon preform mould,5gallon blow bottle mould and so on.We supply PET injection molding machines,high speed injection molding machines and blowing machines for the production line.

For the bottle holder mould,we used P20 steel material for the mould core and cavity with cold runner as required by our customer,the mould size is around 600*600*500mm,use the machine size around 300ton for 1cavity mould.We design optimized cooling system for the holder mould in order to get short cycle time.

Sino Mould offer injection molding line turnkey solution for our customers,we could help our customer setup new injection molding factory.If you need more information,please do not hesitate to contact us.Thanks.

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