A Very Cool Carbon Fiber Violin

The violin is a kind of playing musical instrument, it is very popular with its beautiful sound and wide range. Traditional violins are made of wood, and the famous violins that have been handed down to the world include Stradivari and Amati. Carbon fiber is an excellent material that plays an important role in aerospace, military and other fields. In recent years, people have tried to use it to make carbon fiber violins, and the products made are very good.Let’s look at the difference between a carbon fiber violin and a traditional wood violin.What traditional woodiness violin chooses is high-grade wood, in order to make the service life of the violin is prolonged, avoid the situation that appears craze, be out of shape, still need to undertake special treatment to lumber before making, make craft more complex. At ordinary times, also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the violin.Carbon fiber violin, light weight, strong, not only easy to carry, but also not easy to damage. Unlike wood, carbon fiber don’t have the shortcomings of changeability, dampness, and cracking. It does not require excessive maintenance and has a long service life. The carbon fiber is black, so the violin made from it looks very high-end, and there are beautiful woven patterns on it, which is not so monotonous. Music played with a carbon fiber violin has better sound effects than violin of the same grade on the market. Some famous violinists have already started using carbon fiber violins.In the market, carbon fiber violins are still rare. First of all, its price is very expensive, the average person can’t afford it, and the players who use carbon fiber violin are very good, people don’t know its performance very well. However, carbon fiber violin bows are widely used, and the price is not too expensive. I believe it can be fully developed in the future.

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