Analysis and introduction of China’s plastic industry

The plastic industry is an important part of Huangyan’s mould industry. The plastic machine industry attaches importance to the manufacture of injection moulding machine, bottle blowing machine, bottle cap machine, heat transfer machine and other mechanical products. Huangyan’s blow moulding machine is well-known worldwide. At, you can get industry-leading injection moulding machine assembly lines, blow moulding machine assembly lines.

Plastic moulds account for about 30% of the entire mould industry, and about 50-70% of mould imports and exports. In recent years, the scope of application of plastic products has become wider and wider, the types of plastic moulds have been increasing, and China’s plastic mould industry has developed rapidly.

With the development of high technology and increasing demand, China’s plastic moulds have formed a tremendous industrial chain, from raw materials and auxiliary materials industries and processing, testing equipment to machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances and electronic communications, building materials, etc. In several major application industries, plastic moulds are developing at high speed.

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