Analysis of the Causes of Damage to the Hydraulic Cylinder

Analysis of the causes of damage to the hydraulic cylinder:

The cylinder of a four-column hydraulic machine is overloaded, usually due to improper design, manufacturing or operation, and premature damage. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the damage and cause of the hydraulic cylinder.

One. Most of the damaged parts of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic machine are in the part where the flange and the hydraulic cylinder are connected. Secondly, at the transition part of the hydraulic cylinder to the bottom, a few cracks are generated at the cylinder, and some are damaged due to severe cavitation. Judging from the use of hydraulic cylinders, they have generally endured a high number of working loads when they are damaged.

The hydraulic cylinder of the two- and four-column Hydraulic Press is damaged, and there are many factors that affect the working life of the hydraulic cylinder. It must be analyzed in light of the specific conditions, but there are several main aspects to sum up: design reasons, structural dimensions: if the flange height is too small or the flange outer diameter is too large, the integrated should be too high and damaged.

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