Analysis of the development trend of pipe fittings market

Analysis of the development trend of pipe fittings market

Today, the growth rate of China’s stainless steel pipe fittings markein recent years has reached 15%, ranking the top three in the world. This pace of development is gratifying, indicating a huge market capacity and the prosperity of the entire industry.


But the stainless steel tube market brands are all in a mess

Building materials market can be described as a great variety. Each market level has several or even dozens of brand are competing. Also by the different grades of stainless steel tube products are in competition with each other. Because the stainless steel pipe market is qualitative seriously. Consumers do not understand the knowledge of stainless steel tube products which causes s the information of stainless steel tube and market is seriously asymmetry. Customers can only choose from the appearance and price. They rarely named buy a particular stainless steel brand, which makes a lot of enterprises and businesses are susceptible to error analysis stainless steel pipe market. Thus producers have no selling point at all, ignoring shape the image of stainless steel tube brand, which resulting in disjointed brand and consumption, consumers can not buy the real high-quality stainless steel tube products.

The awareness of stainless steel pipe brand is relatively weak

Stainless steel pipe fittings enterprise has no brand awareness, marketing network construction is lagging behind, coupled with the technology and capital of low barriers to entry, so that the majority of enterprises generally small scale, marketing methods, marketing costs are relatively high, the lack of brand strategy, almost no research, the consideration for technology and quality of the stainless steel tube is updating and improving. When the competition is becoming more and more fierce, a lot of stainless steel pipe enterprises come into the channel conflict, rising costs, declining revenue, customer complaints, satisfaction reducing which come into a embarrassing predicament.

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