Analysis of the environmental performance of natural gas vehicles

Wuhan City has carried out “oil-to-gas conversion” on two lines, that is, using modification technology to transform original fuel vehicles into liquefied petroleum gas vehicles. However, in less than half a year, the original modified car had to be “gas-to-oil”. The reasons are as follows: First, the performance of the car is not satisfactory after the modification, some modified accessories are easy to break, the failure rate increases, and the power drops by 6%~ 10%. Among them, 235 of the 18 special-line service vehicles on 530 roads that have been modified have failed in one month. Second, the environmental protection performance is not optimistic. The exhaust gas of modified vehicles contains more carbon and oxygen compounds than fuel vehicles. The exhaust gas emission test pass rate is only 50%, which simply cannot achieve the expected economic and environmental goals. There is not enough understanding of the special requirements for the maintenance and use of gas vehicles. After all, gas vehicles are different from fuel vehicles, so they are also different from fuel vehicles in maintenance and use.

If this is not well understood, it will result in poor maintenance and operation of gas vehicles and poor emission control levels. For example, gas vehicles should use special gas vehicle lubricants. When a car uses natural gas, the temperature of the combustion chamber is higher than when using fuel. Generally, the temperature of the exhaust port of a diesel engine is about 300°C, while the temperature of the exhaust manifold of a natural gas vehicle is as high as 482-694°C. At the same time, the temperature of the engine oil is also higher than when using fuel. Continuous high-temperature operation will cause premature oxidation of ordinary engine oil and gradually lose its lubrication function, which will aggravate the wear of parts, cause poor engine operation and worsen emissions. For liquefied gas vehicles, the engine oil must also be low-ash lubricating oil, because high-ash lubricating oil will form hard deposits under the action of high temperature in the combustion chamber, which will aggravate the wear of pistons and intake valves, and even cause pre-ignition. The service life of the engine.

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