Analysis on overload protection of four column hydraulic press

During the operation of four column Hydraulic Press, overload often occurs due to the lack of understanding of basic equipment parameters and inaccurate mastery. Then, Xiaobian will explain this problem to you:

When the pressure of the four column hydraulic press exceeds the specified range during operation, it is the so-called overload, which will cause a series of conditions. In order to minimize the harm of this problem, the hydraulic overload protection system is usually set in the four column hydraulic press, and this system is constantly updated with the progress of technology, so the effect is guaranteed.

When it is overloaded, the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder of the four column hydraulic press will rise sharply, the pressure in the high-pressure chamber of the unloading valve will push the piston down, open the oil return port, and the hydraulic oil will quickly drain back to the oil tank. Under the action of balancer, the slider will protect the press and die from damage; At the same time, the pressure relay and travel switch act, and the operation will stop after cutting off the line.

Although it is protected by the protection system, if the load of the four column hydraulic press exceeds the protection range, it will also cause damage to the four column hydraulic press. Therefore, the most basic thing is to operate according to the specifications to avoid this problem.

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