Application of metal laser cutting machine in lighting industry

After years of development, the scale of my country’s lighting industry has an absolute advantage in the world. Data shows that as of 2020, there are more than 20,000 lighting companies in the country. The increasingly fierce market competition has caused many companies to increase investment in product production processes. With innovative production processes and more artistic expression, the emergence of metal laser cutting machines will help companies win the market.

Light can form different light and shadow effects through the lampshade and the lampshade. The following lampshade made by the metal laser cutting machine can achieve different rendering effects according to the different performance of people. Using a metal laser cutting machine to leave cut marks on the lampshade, the user can decide where to hollow out, creating countless light and shadow patterns. The finished lamp, the paper and the metal frame are fixed to each other into a whole.

Lighting decoration is an important part of interior decoration, and good lighting decoration can play a finishing touch. With the continuous improvement of industrial production levels, people have higher and higher requirements for lighting processing technology and display effects, and functional requirements are gradually tilting toward individualized requirements. The unique metal texture, combined with the personalized pattern, make the laser processed metal lighting deeply loved by consumers.

It is flexible, fast, one-time molding, no mold opening, suitable for processing stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass, copper and other high anti-metal materials. It can help manufacturers achieve artistic creation, personalized customization, and small batch customization. .

Designers design lighting, make processing patterns, and then write them into the laser cutting machine through the program, and finally process them into metal lighting, which can better adapt to the ever-changing market demand and make the company stand out in the fierce market competition.

The specific advantages of metal laser cutting machine in the metal lighting processing industry are:

  • 1. Laser cutting technology is a non-contact processing. It uses a high-density laser beam to melt on the surface of the workpiece, and the slag is blown out by high-pressure gas to complete the cutting action. The entire process is CNC processing without contact deformation.
  • 2. It is not limited by the complexity of graphics at all. The processing speed is very fast, the precision is high, and the cut surface is beautiful. The original cold metal materials can be processed into artistic patterns. With the effect of lighting, the metal patterns are more refined.
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