As an important method of metal processing, laser cutting has been widely used

As an important method of metal processing, Laser Cutting has been widely used. Traditional laser cutting generally uses a special CO2 laser cutting machine, which has a large area, poor flexibility, and high equipment procurement and maintenance costs. However, with the continuous development of robotics and fiber laser technology, robotic laser cutting technology has made great progress. It has great advantages in the cutting and processing of complex three-dimensional parts and special profiles, and can be widely used in automobile manufacturing and engineering. Machinery, medical equipment, mold industries, etc., are one of the key automation technologies to be developed in the future.

Robot laser cutting technology is different from traditional handling, spot welding, arc welding and other application technologies. In addition to requiring the robot to have high repeat positioning accuracy, it also requires the robot to have high trajectory accuracy and absolute accuracy. FANUC uses its own strong technical research and development capabilities to develop high-precision robot bodies and special software for laser cutting to provide customers with cost-effective flexible automated laser cutting solutions.

FANUC’s M-10iA series robots, M-20iA series robots, and M-710iC series robots can provide users with diversified choices. The load range ranges from 12Kg to 70Kg, and the movement radius ranges from 1098mm to 3110mm, which can meet various requirements. The demand for robotic laser cutting applications.

The cutting tool, a parallel linkage mechanism developed by FANUC, can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting of small tracks. Cutting Tool adopts FANUC’s advanced servo control technology. It has a lightweight and compact structure. It can cut small circles as small as 3mm with a track accuracy of ±0.1mm, which can meet high-precision cutting of positioning holes of various shapes.

The graphics generation software specially developed for Cutting Tool can automatically generate positioning hole cutting programs of a variety of common shapes according to parameter settings (for example: circle, semicircle, rectangle, groove, keyhole, hexagon), Other non-standard graphics can also be customized, making the operation of the Cutting Tool very simple; the speed output function realizes the real-time matching of the robot cutting speed and the laser power to ensure the consistency of the cutting quality; the small circle accuracy function is improved The trajectory accuracy of the robot body during small circle cutting is improved; the use of the constant path function enables the robot to still ensure the motion accuracy at different speeds and magnifications.

The offline programming software ROBOGUIDE independently developed by FANUC can well realize the offline programming of complex 3D parts, realize the simultaneous production of product and program teaching, shorten the on-site debugging time, quickly replace the cutting workpiece, and enable the laser cutting of multiple specifications and small batches. Processing becomes more convenient.

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