Hamburger Mold

Hamburger molds, also called stacking molds, can greatly improve production efficiency and equipment utilization, and also can save production costs and human resources. The stack molds design requirements are much higher than ordinary molds. Sino Mould has rich experience in mold design and manufacturing to ensure product quality.   The hamburger mold can be… Continue reading

Which kind of Production type during machining ?

Production types are usually divided into three categories:1. Single piece production: Individually produced products of different constructions and sizes, and rarely repeated.2. Mass production: The same product is manufactured in batches in one year, and the manufacturing process is reproducible.Mass produced partsMass produced parts3. Mass production: The number of products… Continue reading

Introduction to the processing points of aluminum stamping parts

1. stamping die design. The raw material of aluminum stamping parts, aluminum, is relatively soft. When stamping parts are used for stamping, it is easy to cause material blocking. Therefore, when designing stamping parts molds, it is necessary to consider the position, and the gap should be required when installing… Continue reading

Hot Runner Technology for Bio-Resins

The polylactic acid trend, material benefits and challenges to injection molding and injection mold design. Booming populations and the growth of the global economy are creating increased demand for plastic injection molded products. But plastic parts also are contributing to over-capacity in landfills and a nationwide littering problem. At the… Continue reading

There are many precautions in the process of precision parts processing

In mechanics, even small parts have many classifications and great functions. Although the parts are small, the effect is great. In modern society, the use of mechanical equipment is indispensable for the production of products. There are many types of mechanical equipment. Usually machines are composed of parts and components,… Continue reading

POM plastic material injection technique

Typical application: POM has very low friction coefficient and good geometric stability, particularly suitable for making gear and bearing. Because it also has high temperature resistance characteristic, therefore also used for pipe device mould (pipeline valve, pump shell), lawn equipment, etc. Injection mould process conditions: Drying process: if materials stored in… Continue reading

Taiwan Straits bridge ‘good for trade’

 The proposed bridge linking Jinmen, one of the outlying islands near Taiwan, to Xiamen, southeast of the Chinese mainland, as proposed by the Taiwan authorities, would be a landmark in cross-Straits relations, Taiwan affairs experts said Monday. The government will consider building the bridge and complete a proposal by the… Continue reading

Aluminum Machining Parts With Colorful Anodized

For precision machining parts, the normal material  are aluminun, stainless steel, brass . Below are aluminum machining parts for USA clients, which used in automation machines. Previous: No InformationNext: Aluminum Turning Parts With Mirror Polishing Produced By Lemo Link to this article:Aluminum Machining Parts With Colorful Anodized Reprint Statement: If there are no… Continue reading