Cutting principle selection principle for CNC machining

When programming cnc machining, the programmer must determine the amount of cutting for each process, including spindle speed, back-feeding amount, feed rate, etc., and enter it into the program in the format specified by the CNC system. The amount of cutting CNC machining requires different cutting amounts for different machining… Continue reading

China to allow foreign govts to issue yuan bonds

China is mulling over a decision to allow qualified foreign governments to issue yuan-denominated bonds on domestic capital market, the country’s Finance Minister Xie Xuren said Saturday. "We are actively doing researches on bond issuance of foreign governments in China," Xie made the comment at the first China-Japan high-level economic… Continue reading

Automated plastics injection moulding shown

Wittmann at the UK’s PDM 08 show will exhibit a Battenfeld 1600kN plastics injection moulder machine equipped with the latest B6 control system and a Wittmann Robot W711. Following the Wittmann Group purchase of injection moulding machinery supplier, Battenfeld, in March 2008, both companies are at this week’s Plastics Design… Continue reading

Mould water runner design

Sino Mould China is good at making injection moulds,we have a professional design team in our company for product design and mould design.Every year,we applied new design patents,such as foldable crates,electric parts and difficult mould structure.Sino Mould could offer you high quality injection moulds. For an injection mould,it is unique,we… Continue reading

Extremely tough and resistant to chemicals

Feet are involved in around a fifth of all occupational accidents. Therefore, wearing the right footwear plays a key role in cutting the risk of foot-related injuries at work. Industrial shoes are available in three categories: occupational, protective and safety footwear. Protective toe caps are only mandatory in the latter… Continue reading

Achieving efficiency with occasional high-pressure, high-flow nitrogen use

The economics of choosing the right mode for your laser By Richard Green Several modes of nitrogen assist gas supply exist, but with choice comes the potential of saddling your business with overhead costs that make it difficult to compete. The best approach is to map out a growth strategy,… Continue reading