Hot Runner Stack Molds: A Great Cost-Cutting Solution

How to choose the right manifold system for your stack molds. During the concept phase of a new project the option of selecting a stack mold is often overlooked because many mold designers are unfamiliar with the technology. Compared to a regular, single-face injection mold, stack molds can virtually double… Continue reading

How to use the damping device of CNC machining center?

cnc machining center solves the problem of complex, precise, small batch and multi-variety parts processing. It is a flexible and high-performance automatic machine tool, which represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology. It is a typical electromechanical machine. Integrated products.     Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC… Continue reading

Innovative Hot Runner Solutions for Ultra Small Parts

The injection molding of micro parts calls for innovative hot runner solutions to comply with the demands of injection molders and toolmakers. The injection molding of precision and micro parts creates special demands on the moldmaker and hot runner supplier. Since the weight of the parts ranges from 0.05g to… Continue reading

Laser processing technology of sheet metal workshop

Sheet metal workshop part of the processing steps: early product testing, product development and product volume production. In processing test steps, shall promptly contact the customer communication, following the evaluation of the appropriate processing and batch production.Sheet metal shop should communicate with customers to discuss technical objectives identified content including… Continue reading

Finding poor-diffusion bonds in ferrous, nonferrous tubes

Determining whether a tube seam has a partial bond can be difficult with standard ultrasonic or eddy current techniques. However, multifrequency, probe-based eddy current equipment can detect poor-diffusion bonds in nonferrous materials. Using a penetrating field to reflect a signal off the planar structure of the weld works on ferrous… Continue reading

Let us know what is Non-standard CNC machined parts !

with the constant changes of the times, our industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. Everyone can see that the development of industry can be said to be done with great enthusiasm. Only today’s achievements are achieved. Non-standard parts processing is one of them. One, then what does the non-standard mean? Let… Continue reading

Design Communication Software Now Available in Russian

The US-based digital design communication software solutions provider Actify has released SpinFire Professional 8.3, which includes both new Russian language support and a much-anticipated productivity-enhancing Draft Angle Analysis plug-in that streamlines calculation of draft angles. This advanced digital design data system makes working with 3D files easier and faster via… Continue reading

Laser Mechanisms restructures senior management

Laser Mechanisms Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich., has named Mark Taggart as managing director of North American operations and Glenn Golightly as managing director of Pacific Rim operations. Taggart is responsible for day-to-day management of the company’s industrial and medical operations. He served previously as general manager of medical operations and… Continue reading

What are the types of machining?

Turning: The main feature is the processing of the rotary body; Insert: It can be understood as a planer that stands up, which is very suitable for non-complete arc machining. Planing: The main characteristic is the straight surface of the processing shape. Under normal circumstances, the surface roughness is not high; Milling (vertical… Continue reading