What are the applications of precision CNC machining parts in mobile phones field ?

We all know that there are many small parts in the mobile phone, and these kinds of parts must be processed by precision cnc machining, so that they can be used in mobile phones field. What are the applications of precision CNC machining parts in mobile phones ? Apple mobile phone can… Continue reading

Part cnc processing plant analyzes workpiece feed route

"cnc machining Center" is a kind of mechanical processing. It is a new type of processing technology. It is mainly to process the processing program. It is to transform the original manual work into computer programming. Of course, it still needs the experience of manual processing. Part CNC machining plants… Continue reading

Where are the different CNC processing procedures reflected ?

One,  1, different precision cnc machining,   The 3D printed hand board is rough and the precision is low. The precision of the cnc machine is high. Generally, it can reach ten or ten wires. The metal hand plate processed by the high-speed drilling center can be reached in precision.  2,… Continue reading

What are the applications of precision CNC machining in mobile phones field ?

There are many small parts on the mobile phone, and these parts must be processed by precision machining in order to be used on the mobile phone.What are the applications of precision cnc machining in mobile phones?  Apple's mobile phone can be said to be the most popular mobile phone brand,… Continue reading

Main classification about machining

There are two main types of machining: manual machining and cnc machining. Manual machining refers to the method of machining various materials by manual operation of mechanical equipment such as milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and sawing machines by mechanical workers. Manual machining is suitable for small batch, simple part… Continue reading

How to control the accuracy of aluminum oxidation treatment?

I have been in contact with the machining industry for many years and have met many customers who have consulted the same questions. Asked if there is a certain influence on the accuracy of mechanical parts during the oxidation process of aluminum? Whenever a customer mentions this issue, we will… Continue reading

Objet’s UV-Based Printer Takes Tech Prize

The latest technology from the 3D printing innovator Objet Geometries Ltd. has been recognized with the 2008 RadTech USA Emerging Technologies Award, which honours outstanding users of ultraviolet (UV) and electron-beam (EB) technologies. The breakthrough Connex500™ rapid prototyping system, launched last November, is the first system to enable users to… Continue reading

s&#101lective Materials Strategy Is A Potent Tool for Moldmakers

By Patrick A. Toensmeier Metal producers and coating suppliers have long promoted the use of specific materials to improve the economics of mold building. In using select grades of steel, aluminum and copper in fabrication, along with coatings that resist abrasion, corrosion and other process hazards, suppliers maintain that toolmakers… Continue reading