LEMO Precision has recently purchased 2 CNC 5-AXIS Machining centers in order to increase the production of cnc machining business. Customers will be able to get sample parts faster more accurate and make decisions without any hold backs.Previous: OEM Brass Rings By CNC Machining Export To ItalyNext: Lemo’s Spring Festival… Continue reading

Manufacturing employment, compensation, recruiting difficulty down

The current SHRM/Rutgers LINE® survey indicates that employment expectations for December 2007 have dropped in the manufacturing sector. New-hire compensation is lower than it was a year ago. The exempt vacancy index is higher than it was in November 2006, while the nonexempt vacancy index is lower. The recruiting difficulty… Continue reading

Polyvinylidene fluoride resin is strong, tough

CS Hyde’s Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride thermoplastics resin has excellent resistance to creep and fatigue, yet it is flexible and transparent. CS Hyde claimed that its Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) thermoplastics resin is strong and tough, exhibited by its tensile properties and impact strength Compared with many thermoplastics, PVDF (Kynar) has… Continue reading

How to Select the Right Steel Grade to Improve Mold Performance

A look at an improved steel grade utilizing boron metallurgy that will help shops reduce internal costs and minimize the risk of failure during manufacturing. The vast majority of molds for the plastic injection molding industry have been traditionally made of conventional steel grades—such as AISI P20—but an alternative steel1… Continue reading

Case Study:Aerospace Molds Need Proper Mix Of Application and Technology

This moldmaker flies high with a combination of specialized processes and modern technologies required for the extremely tight tolerances and exotic material concerns in the aerospace industry. Tech Tool & Molded Plastics (Meadville, PA) has made a name for itself these past 34 years by catering to a number of… Continue reading