PVC pipe fitting production

Sino Mould is specialized in manufacture industry PVC pipe fitting moulds and PVC Molds, we offering all kinds of pipe fitting moulds, elbow, branch, Tee, socket etc. We design pipe fitting moulds with world advance structure, equipped with Schneider limited switch,2 hours mass production before shipment. Besides we supplied PPR… Continue reading

Use a switching regulator!Design your own DC/DC converter

【Introduction】By using a switching regulator, the circuit heating can be effectively reduced to save energy consumption. In addition, switching regulators help reduce the size of the heat sink, allowing for more compact circuits and power circuits that generate less heat. content ‧ Using switching regulator to make DCDC converter ‧… Continue reading

Unlimited development space, composite robots lead to rich automation possibilities

“2021 is known as the first year of composite robots, which means that the industry recognizes composite robots as an important trend in future technological development. As with human legs, hands, and eyes, composite robots can meet the increasingly subdivided production needs of industrial application scenarios. Some Chinese industrial media… Continue reading

Mould ejection distance

Enough mould ejection distance is very important for automatically running,which is affected by mould design,mould structure,machine ejection stroke and injection molding line operation.Only if we are experienced in the molding industry,we could consider all the molding factors. For a crate mould or a laundry bucket mould,which is not designed by… Continue reading

Where are the advantages of precision metal processing?

Where are the advantages of precision metal processing?Hardware processing occupies half of the precision parts, and it is also one of the most common precision processing in daily life. So what are the advantages of precision hardware processing? Let us introduce you one by one:   1. The precision metal shaft… Continue reading

The application of copper alloys in mould making industry

Let’s first take a look at the position of copper alloys in mould making industry. Before 1987, the application of copper alloys as mould surface materials was very limited, so does that as mould material. At that time, most think that coppy alloys as mould material, the hardeness, strength and… Continue reading