Metal non-standard parts in non-standard parts with CNC machining

It has been learned before that non-standard parts refer to other parts that are not controlled by the company except that the country does not impose strict standard specifications and there are no relevant parameters.Although there is no standard classification of non-standard parts at present, it can be roughly divided… Continue reading

10 Minute Introduction to 3D AutoCAD: Turning 2D Floor Plans into 3D Models

Most AutoCAD Architects need to create geometry in 3D at some point. Sometimes they need to show a client or a community group what spaces will look like when they are built. Sometimes they need to gain a better understanding of the environments they are designing. Fortunately AutoCAD makes it… Continue reading

Birdcage mould manufacturer China

Birdcage is similar with crate, the size is bigger than common crate.The different with crate is it has a cover,always used for small animals transportation and breeding such as birds, pigeons , chicken…. For birdcage mould, using stripper for ejection way,the thickness of birdcage is a little thick,so the cycle… Continue reading

When we can manufacture the non-standard parts ?

We have already known about non-standard parts in the foregoing, knowing that it is other accessories that are not controlled by the company except that the country has not set strict standard specifications and there are no relevant parameters.But do you know why non-standard parts need to be processed? Under what… Continue reading

Charlyrobot Now Part of Mécanuméric

Charlyrobot, the French manufacturer of milling machines for light modelling and prototyping materials and for use in education, is now part of the Mécanuméric S.A. group. This group, also headquartered in France, also comprises the industrial companies Mécanuméric, a maker of heavy 3- and 5-axis milling equipment and machines for… Continue reading

CD shell mold manufacturer

CD shell mold manufacturer, CD box mold maker, CD shell molding supplier, china CD box mold manufacturer, stacking CD shell molds Sino mould is leading plastic injection molds manufacturer in China. we have high standard plastic molding mentality, precision plastic molding facility and good management, we offer customers with good… Continue reading