Researchers believe that battery range is expected to reach 1,000 kilometers

Insufficient range remains one of the biggest obstacles to promoting electric vehicles. However, an internationally renowned battery researcher said it is only a matter of time before battery-powered vehicles overtake conventional vehicles.   (Image credit: eenews) According to foreign media reports, Maximian Fichtner, head of energy storage systems at the… Continue reading

TwinCAT sun position algorithm software library optimizes solar energy

PC-based high-precision sun tracking and positioning system [2010年7月15日,德国] The TwinCAT Sun Position Algorithm software function block from Beckhoff” title=”function block”> function block can accurately calculate the sun angle at any time and anywhere in the world without the use of sensors. This flexible solution for parabolic solar mirrors , solar… Continue reading

Faro Worldwide Reports Excellent 2007

Faro, a leading global supplier of portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), has reported outstanding company figures for the 2007 fiscal year. Company sales last year were $191.6 million, compared with $152.4 million in 2006. The increase was 25.7%. In other statistics released by the company, incoming orders in 2007 totalled… Continue reading

The first joint-venture automotive chip design company of Chinese OEMs was established, opening up the entire industrial chain for mutual benefit and win-win results

According to the official news from BAIC Production and Investment, BAIC Production and Investment signed an agreement with Imagination Group and Cuiwei Co., Ltd. to jointly establish Beijing Hexinda Technology Co., Ltd. Specifically, the company is the first automotive chip design company jointly established by a Chinese state-owned vehicle enterprise… Continue reading

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Workshop Is Very Busy

Our sheet metal fabrication workshop is very busy at this moment, focus on produce some cabinet, enclosure,chassis, aluminum bracket for USA customers. Weclome to contact us for more business : Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,LtdAddress: No.84 Zhongli Rd,Nancheng,Dongguan,Guangdong,523000,China.Contact: Amy ChenTel: 86-769-8803 9052Mobile: 86-13713262409Fax: 86-769-8803 8031E-mail: [email protected] Previous: We Made Thousands Of Fingertip… Continue reading

How about the CNC milling technology for precision parts processing?

How about the CNC milling technology for precision parts processing?Precision parts processing is relatively extensive in the industry. Why do you say that? In fact, we can see it in our lives. The effect is obvious. There will be more applications on some mechanical equipment. You need to know CNC… Continue reading

Electric injection moulder produces 2 cups in 2.2s

Arburg will be demonstrating an all-electric plastics injection moulder producing thin-walled cups at a rate of one cup/2.2s at a Slovakian exhibition. Arburg will be demonstrating its electric Allrounder 420 A plastics injection moulding machine at Slovakia’s 2008 International Engineering Exhibition in Nitra, May 20-23 The Allrounder 420 A will… Continue reading

The automotive industry has been in a long-term recession, and the new four-dimensional map is aimed at the long-term battle of autonomous driving transformation

In the context of the explosion of artificial intelligence technology, autonomous driving technology, which has been widely concerned by the automotive industry, has also begun to enter the public’s field of vision, and the capital market has therefore paid more attention to the dynamics of the autonomous driving field. On… Continue reading