Sinopec expects much smaller government subsidy

Sinopec, the country’s largest oil refiner, said it believed it would not receive a large subsidy this year from the government, reported Friday’s Shanghai Securities News, a newspaper run by Xinhua News Agency. Sinopec received government subsidies of 10 billion yuan (US$1.36 billion) and five billion yuan respectively in 2005… Continue reading

Precision mould requirement

lamp mould,fan mould,electronic component mould,all required high precision tooling.especially for OEM parts.Lamp moulds for OEM,automobile inner trim for DPSA,after sales service market,automotive moulds for after marketing,automotive moulds maker China. For the precision mould,we must get ready at the beginning.For the product design,mould design,tooling machine choosing,assembling.every step we must be very… Continue reading

Lean Manufacturing Trims Leadtimes(2)

mold Components: Industry Changes Much like the hot runner market, the components sector also has seen faster delivery times. Mike Hicks, North American Sales Manager at DMS (Oldcastle, ON), points out that in addition to quicker deliveries is less expense—with quality a given. “The industry is much more open-minded and… Continue reading

How to reduce errors when processing precision metal parts ?

No matter how precise the instrument is, there will be a certain error during mechanical processing. This is for sure. Then what means does the processing plant use to reduce the error to an extremely low level? This is a very difficult problem to overcome in mechanical processing, and it… Continue reading

What industries will be promoted by precision CNC machining technology ?

With the changes of the current era, the work of science and technology, as well as the workmanship of mechanical equipment, is more and more convenient, the effect is getting better and better, the automation of mechanical equipment, the reduction of labor, or the processing of personnel, etc. The point… Continue reading

multi-cavity spoon mould

multi-cavity hot runner plastic spoon mould   Spoon is the household product widely used in our daily life.Many food for sale need match plastic spoon.For example, ice-cream,canned goods take-away food and so on. Usually,this kind of spoon we use material plastic,because it is light,cheap,recycled.If you need to produce plastic products,you should use plastic… Continue reading

China cnc CNC machine tool parts processing has mastered key core technologies

China's cnc machining cnc machine tools have broken through key core technologies and formed a number of iconic products.  In the field of automobile manufacturing, the large-scale fast and efficient CNC automatic stamping production line has won the bulk orders of the production lines of the American automobile local factories… Continue reading

The difference between the medical device CNC machining industry and other CNC machining industries(3)

The difference between the medical device cnc machining industry and other CNC machining industries3. In terms of the workpiece itself, the machining of medical devices is quite different from other mechanical parts. Medical devices implanted in the human body first require very good surface finish, very high precision, and no… Continue reading