some Steps for precision CNC machining parts

Many workpieces will go through the process of processing. Because of the different requirements and processing purposes of the workpiece, the processing technology and processing equipment used in processing are also different. Not many of the workpieces are CNC processed, that is, numerical control. CNC Milling machine processing.Before machining precision cnc machining… Continue reading

Jig measures force required for box forming

Materials testing fixture measures force required for carton erection from flat, folded carton blanks. Measurements can be used to set up operating conditions for automatic carton erection machines. Device has V-shaped grooved rollers which retain grip on box yet allow box axis to rotate as it opens. Designed for compression… Continue reading

What factors affect the quality of injection molds and how to maintain them?(2)

2. Structural design The mature mold structure not only considers the characteristics of product data, shortening rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, etc., but also considers the cooling water circuit, the speed of mold opening and closing, etc. A reasonable mold structure can effectively extend the life of the mold… Continue reading

China encourages home-made products, putting pressure on neighbors

Asian countries are increasingly watching jobs and manufacturing migrate to neighboring China. China is reducing its reliance on imports from Southeast Asia as it makes more of the higher-value-added intermediate and capital goods it previously bought from abroad. That is threatening growth in countries whose export sales are already in… Continue reading

Export electrical appliance injection molds

Sino Mould manufacture injection molds for a couple of years, is famous electrical appliance injection molds making factory China, supplying high quality injection molds with high-end injection molds processing technology. Electrical appliances have close relationship with electrical appliance injection molds. A refrigerator need 150-200 sets injection molds, a washer machine… Continue reading

How to Minimize Problems With Gravimetric Blenders

The first and best way to avoid blending problems is to choose the right gravimetric blender for the application. Today’s plastic products are required to have a wide variety of special properties, including surface aesthetics, which means more and more additives and specialty colorants. Increased demand for recycling means that… Continue reading

Washing machine mould supply

Home appliance mould maker China MOULD offers you fine solutions for home appliance moulds. Washing machine mould supplierChina MOULD offers you top quality washing machine mould, washing machine panel mould. If you are looking for plastic injection moulds, please come to us. Washing machine moulds our quotation engineer will quote… Continue reading

What are the materials needed to manufacture the precision mechanical parts?

Engaged in mechanical processing, high-precision mechanical parts manufacturing, the selection of blanks, Not only affects the economics of blank manufacturing, but also affects the economics of machining. Therefore, when determining the blank, it is necessary to consider the factors of thermal processing, but also the economic factors, but also the… Continue reading

Is the good development prospect of the CNC machining industry?

We have said a lot about the functions of Dongguan Precision Machining. Dongguan Precision Machining can bring a lot of help to people in many uses.So no matter which kind of main product or auxiliary product production tool is good, in fact, it is said that pay attention to the… Continue reading