Silicone And Casting

silicone phone set is a kind of colorless and tasteless phone set, has good elastic and resistance to high temperature. The advantages of silicone phone sets are as following: Silicone phone sets can protect the cell phone, in order to prevent the hard objects on mobile phone screen or body left… Continue reading

The sawing machine adopts oil-air lubrication technology

At present, the cutting of sawing machine is widely used in industry, but the lubrication of sawing machine nowadays mostly uses a large amount of emulsion to be poured between the raw material and the saw blade to play the role of lubrication and cooling. Although the operation is simple,… Continue reading

CNC engraving machine manufacturers introduce you to the key components of the engraving machine Upload to:08-10 2021

Mingyue CNC Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. integrates research, development, and manufacturing of various woodworking advertising engraving machines | stone jade engraving machines | mold metal engraving machines | fiber laser cutting machines | CNC tenon and tenon processing centers | custom home production lines | and other various CNC Router… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Children in teething age is like to bite every they can see to comfort their soft teeth gum. On these time, experienced parents will prepare some teethers for their babies. And silicone Material Teethers are very popular among parents.In this article, I will prove that silicone teether is a good… Continue reading

Mazak Invests in Future at European HQ

Having paused for breath after completing a major expansion of its European manufacturing facility at Worcester, UK, Yamazaki Mazak is now embarking on another major investment. Construction has just commenced on what will be a dramatic extension to the 29,000-m² factory and office complex in Worcester, home of Yamazaki Mazak’s… Continue reading

New ‘exciting’ rail product set to boost British Steel works

As stated by Nickcole on, progressive new rail item called Zinoco is set to help the fortunes of the British Steel works in Scunthorpe and the 3,500 representatives.Contracts for Zinoco have as of now been won in France, Ireland and the UK.   The Scunthorpe-made item is a premium-covered… Continue reading

What is the vacuum suction cup for CNC machining process ?

What is the vacuum suction cup for cnc machining process ?Vacuum suction cups, also known as vacuum spreaders, are one of the vacuum actuators. In general, the use of vacuum chucks to grab articles is one of the cheapest methods. Vacuum chucks are available in a variety of sizes. The… Continue reading

Cooling time

The actual cooling time already begins with the filling of the cavity. However, freezing of the melt should be avoided in the filling phase. The main quantity of heat is exchanged after the molding is filled. The cooling time ends as soon as the temperature of all sections of the… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

What's The silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder? Silicone hand sanitizer holder for bottles are 30ml/1oz. The bottle is very easy to carry because of its small size. Use the silicone rope on sleeve to easily attach bottles to your keys, purse, bag, etc. Also you could put it on your bag or… Continue reading