Silicone And Casting

Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. recently made a $10,000 donation to the Baytown Wetlands Center in Baytown, Texas, for kayaks that will be part of the local circular economy.The donation will be used for a fleet of kayaks that the city of Baytown can use for community environmental education programs and… Continue reading

Give full play to the distribution channels of auto parts companies

Through the development of wholesale business, the auto parts company’s role as a reservoir of circulation channels is promoted to promote the formation of a hierarchical sales network in the auto parts market. Social outlets are mostly small-scale operations, and are restricted by storage conditions and the variety of models… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Many people know that novel coronavirus must be worn with medical masks while there are many kinds of masks sold on the market. If the common people join the medical mask, it is easy to identify which medical masks are used. How do we distinguish between medical and non medical… Continue reading

Analysis of the Development Prospects of Copper Processing Industry II

Copper processing materials are used in a wide range of applications and involve almost all national economic industries. The industries with large consumption of copper products in China mainly include: electricity, construction, household appliances, transportation and electronic communication. 1) Downstream industry of electrified railway contact network products Electrified railway contact… Continue reading

What are the design principles of stamping parts processing?

In the process of detailed understanding of stamping parts processing, what are the design criteria for stamping parts processing have also become the content of people’s attention. From the perspective of consumption criteria, it can be understood that the use of products and the control of technical performance are very… Continue reading

Use synthetic oils such as polyolefin or vinegar oils to obtain good lubricating properties

  Use synthetic oils such as polyolefin or vinegar oils to obtain good lubricating properties. Now through significant molecular changes, advanced commercial processing techniques can be used to prepare base oils. In many application areas, the automotive and industrial lubricants formulated with these high-quality API Groupl specifications base oils can… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Specific materials are hygroscopic; just as, they soak up water from the environment. If considerably damp fabrics are injection moulded at china injection moulding factory, the finished abs injection moulding parts will display splash, splay or spots  due to the bursting of bubbles of vapor and other volatiles when the… Continue reading

Is Renewable Energy always sustainable?

A recent thesis published by the Swedish Uppsala University has questioned whether the rapid expansion of renewable energies enables them to be sustainable. The study found that if the materials being used to create the renewable energy technologies themselves are not sustainable, then inherently it is not a renewable energy. … Continue reading

Which manufacturer of one-to-one automatic flat mask machine is better in Dongguan?

Which manufacturer of one-to-one automatic flat mask machine is better in Dongguan? An American media said that every 80 seconds, an American dies from the new  epidemic. From a global perspective, this time will only be shorter. We all know that to prevent the new crown, wearing a mask is… Continue reading