The world’s most remote inhabited island is set for a re-design

Tristan da Cunha is a British overseas territory and is the name given to the world’s most remote inhabited island. Saint Helena is the closest form of inhabited land, located 2000km away, South Africa is 2400km away and South America is 3360km away… you get the point? It’s quite isolated…. Continue reading

Nanotechnology in Coatings

The presence of nanoparticles in coatings represents a remarkably innovative application of nanotechnologies, meeting the requirements of environment protection. The dimensions of the coatings are between 1 and 100 nanometers and the material handling permits to attain different properties, new and improved, compared to those of massive materials. Nanometric coatings… Continue reading

Reasons and Disposal Methods for the Lighting of Vehicle Compression Early Warning Lamps

Multi-grade oil and single-grade oil The viscosity range of multi-grade oil can span several viscosity grades. Taking 15W/40CD diesel engine oil as an example, 15W/40 can include 6 viscosity grades such as 15W, 20W, 25W, 20, 30, and 40, so it is called multi-grade oil. The 15W/40 viscosity grade has… Continue reading

Two new PC+ABS blends for bodywork parts

Bayer MaterialScience AG is adding two new mineral-filled PC+ABS grades – Bayblend® DP T90 MF-20 and Bayblend® DP T95 MF – to its range of polycarbonate blends for bodywork parts . “Both materials represent an attractive alternative to sheet molding compounds in terms of surface quality, coatability and cost-effectiveness. The… Continue reading

Obviously effective high-speed bearing oil-air lubrication

Bearings are widely used components in mechanical equipment, roughly divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings, and their main function is to support shaft parts. Electric spindle bearings are mostly rolling bearings. During use, they need to be equipped with proper lubrication methods to make them fully effective. … The… Continue reading

Reasons for Popularity of Industrial Aluminum Workbenches

Industrial aluminum alloy profile workbench is also called aluminum profile workbench or assembly line workbench. It is a common working platform in the workshop of manufacturing industry. Generally, the industrial aluminum alloy profile is used as a bracket, which is composed of a worktable with different materials. Not limited by… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

No matter in terms of silicone gifts or in silicone daily necessities, daily necessities, industrial supplies and so on, you can also choose rationally for those who are not familiar with silicone products. However, according to the online statement, do not think that silica gel will be harmful to the… Continue reading

Boost the Infrastructure

At a point in time, the world was envious of the American infrastructure. America was ahead of the world in innovation and cities were developing faster and centering more around industry. That was the start and end of American infrastructure. For decades now, the skyscrapers that were once a prime… Continue reading