Silicone And Casting

For many Plastic molding companies, how to dry material is an inevitable problem and engineering plastics especially need drying. The drying purpose is to make good quality products. The main problem caused by the change in the performance of the product is not directly detected by the naked eye, but… Continue reading

To monopoly, Chinese high-end medical consumables industry development trend analysis

Modern medicine speed up to early detection, accurate quantitative diagnosis, slightly non-invasive treatment, individualized treatment, intelligence services and other direction to develop. And it has made new demands about medical devices in the field of innovation and development. The next five to ten years, China’s medical equipment industry and the… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Why Use Collapsible silicone Straw for Drinking? Safety – Collapsible silicone straw for drinking is made from food grade silicone,100% BPA free. Free from Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, PBBs. Comfortable Design – The Collapsible silicone straw for drinking is soft, bendy nature keeps kids and adults safe from any potential hurts… Continue reading

Laser System cuts up to 1.25 in. thick steel/.750 in. SS.

Model FO4020NT 6,000 W laser features shuttle tables, automatic focal and assist gas control, and automatic nozzle changing device. Offering 3,150 ipm max X- and Y-axis speed and 2,362 ipm max Z-axis speed, system supports sheet sizes up to 80.7 x 160 in. with positioning accuracy of 0.0004 in./20 in…. Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

           Jiajie’s  silicone Rubber has these special characteristics and advantages Comprehensive news about silicone and casting Special silicone tube with high transparency, high strength, high tear resistance Is manufactured by good silicone rubber with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing. Inert, odorless, tasteless, stainless – ideal for medical and… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Shrinkage of  thermoplastics Amorphous thermoplastics show extremely reduced shrinkage once they solidify, usually among 0.6% and 1.1%. Scmicrystalline supplies shrink greatly much more, generally among one.7% and 5.5% based on the actual materials. The bigger shrinkage using the semicrystalline supplies is because of the repeat models alongside the molecular chains… Continue reading

In view of the unstable operation of the clutch control of the AMT vehicle when starting on a hill

Establishing a bolt parameter database The establishment of a standard parts library requires the use of a database to store part data. Two databases need to be established when designing the bolt database: ①parameter database of bolts of various specifications; ②bolt standard length series database. When designing the database, it… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Disposable masks are not strange to everyone, people wear disposable masks when they travel, but many users often have certain problems when using disposable masks, such as: only covering the mouth, the nose is not covered; upside down, the metal strip side. It is on the chin; no distinction is… Continue reading

High-Speed Mill Maintains Tight Tolerances, Increases Efficiencies

Busy moldmaker turns to HSM to boost productivity and remain competitive in both the domestic and foreign arenas—and realizes time savings of up to 60 percent. X-Cell Tool & mold (Erie, PA)—a 25-man shop specializing in high precision machining and the design and manufacture of high precision conventional and reel-to-reel… Continue reading