Bahrain Aluminum expands shipping and raw material storage facilities

Bahrain Aluminum (Alba) reported on August 30 that it had upgraded its existing shipping and raw material storage facilities. With the commissioning of Bahrain Aluminum’s No. 6 production line and increasing its output by more than 50%, the company has expanded its shipping facilities and raw material storage capacity to meet growing production needs. The company has extended its north terminal by 24 meters, which will help accommodate larger vessels, such as a 60,000-ton Panamax alumina vessel, which receives more than 3 million tons of alumina each year. The company also built a new 50,000-ton alumina concrete storage silo, bringing the total storage capacity to 150,000 tons.

Bahrain Aluminum said that the upgrade project will take about 2.5 years to complete. The current annual production capacity of Bahrain Aluminum is more than 1.548 million tons.

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