Basic knowledge for CNC machining processing (2)

In the size chain, when the rest of the composition of the ring unchanged, because of its increase in the closed loop is also increased composition of the ring process system stiffness: vertical machining surface cutting force Fy and the blade relative to the processing surface in the normal direction (The error of the shape, the error of the size, the position error), the error of the workpiece, and the ratio of the relative distortion to the process. System error: in the process of processing a batch of the workpiece, if the size and direction of processing errors remain unchanged or according to certain changes Closed loop: A dimension that is naturally formed (ie indirectly obtained or guaranteed) during part machining or machine assembly. Random error: in the order of processing a batch of workpiece, if the processing error of the size and direction of the change is randomThe time required to produce a product or to complete a process under certain conditions of production. Original error: Various errors in the process system. Principle error: refers to the use of an approximate shape of the movement or the contour of the blade edge of the processing error. Assembly size chain: In the process of machine design and assembly, by the parts design and assembly requirements of the composition of the size of the chain. Positioning error: The design reference has the maximum position change in the direction of the process. Grinding burns: When the temperature of the surface layer of the workpiece reaches the phase transition temperature, the surface metal changes in the microstructure, so that the hardness of the surface metal hardness, accompanied by the generation of residual stress, and even micro-cracks phenomenon. Main declination: The projection of the main cutting edge measured on the base surface in the base surface is assumed to be in the direction of the feed. Angle of deflection: The projection and the assumed feed of the secondary cutting edge on the base surface Movement in the opposite direction Economic precision: Under normal production conditions, that is, in line with national standards of equipment and tooling, the provisions of the technical level of workers, the normal processing time, a processing method can achieve the processing accuracy. Machining accuracy: the workpiece after processing the size, shape, position relative to the ideal workpiece with the degree of compliance. Front angle: the angle between the rake face and the base surface angle: the angle between the main flank face and the cutting plane angle.
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