Best bright finish —— Chromium

Best bright finish —— Chromium

 The most common form of chromium is used as an alloy element in stainless steel to enhance the hardness of stainless steel. Chromium plating process is generally divided into three types: decorative coating, hard chromium coating and black chromium coating. Chromium coating is widely used in the field of engineering. Decorative chromium coating is usually plated on the outside of the nickel layer as the top layer, and the coating has a polishing effect as a mirror. As a decorative post-treatment process, the thickness of chromium coating is only 0.006 mm. When we plan to use chromium plating process, we must fully consider the risk of this process. In recent ten years, the trend of hexavalent decorative chromium water being replaced by trivalent chromium water is more and more obvious, because the former has very strong carcinogenicity, while the latter is considered to be relatively less toxic.




Material characteristics: very high finish, excellent corrosion resistance, hard and durable, easy to clean, low friction coefficient.



Typical use: decorative chrome plating is the coating material of many automotive components, including door handle and buffer, etc. in addition, chrome is also used in bicycle parts, bathroom faucet, furniture, kitchen utensils, tableware, etc. Hard chrome plating is more widely used in industry, including ram in job control block, jet engine components, plastic mold and shock absorber. Black chrome plating is mainly used in musical instrument decoration and solar energy utilization.

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