Box Pallet mould maker

Box pallet moulds China is a professional box pallet moulds maker,we could supply box pallet molds.We have large box pallet mould tooling devices in our tooling workshop,we could process big size moulds.We supply a turnkey project for box pallet molding line.

Box pallet mould is a combined of pallet mould and turnover box mould.There are two types of Box pallet,one is for solid shape,the other is for perforated shape.Box pallets are used for goods shipping,similar using as turnover boxes and pallets.

Usually,the width and length of box pallet is same as pallet,so the box pallet mould size is also very large.Box Pallet mould China have big size tooling devices for big size moulds.

Box pallet mould China is a professional mould maker for box pallet mould,pallet mould and crate mould.Thanks.

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