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Are you looking for supplier of roofing tiles mould? China MOULD with years experience in plastic molding field, provides you fine solution of custom roofing tiles mold.
For example roofing tile mould solution:
Product dimension: 525*360*25mm
Plastic material: PET
(Sometimes use PE material, thus need to add special additive to anti UV)
Injection gate: valve gate
Core & cavity material: Stavax S136 with HRC45-52
Required injection machine: DKM 500T PET

Check below detail PET injection machine specification.

    DKM 500T PET  
screw diameter 75mm 84mm 90mm
injection capacity 1756g 2200g 2525g
clamp tonnage   5000KN  
toggle stroke   730mm  
tie bar distance   800x800mm  
max. mold height   850mm  
min. mold height   350mm  



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