Cap mold manufacturer

Sino Holdings have a branch of Sino-package Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacture package project, such as bottle cap mould, blowing bottle mould, flip top cap, PET perform mould, toothpaste cover mould, double color flip cap and so on.

Steel material :For the cap mould required high hardness steel material, such as S136,2316 are suitable for this kind of product.
Ejection way: Regard the cap structure, we will choosing different ejection way, motor rotation ,ejector pin, straight take off, ejector sleeve.
Delivery time: Generally 50~60days
Injection gate: Hot runner point gate, semi hot runner submarine gate
Cycle time :common water bottle cap 7~8s, with slider 10~12s
            Flip cap with rotation 14~15   without rotation 20s
            Automatic flip cap rotation 22~25s
The most point of flip cap is to design the cap bowknot structure,improve the cap using life.

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