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Sino Mould is the leading mould manufacturer in China, not only the plastic moulds, but also the casting mould. Sino is a professional die-casting mould supplier, we can offer you customized high quality casting moulds.


When making die-casting products, there are following steps: clear the mould, pre-heating the mould, brush spray coatings, clamping the mould, inject the melt metal, cool the product and open mould, eject the product.

The casting product has many advantages:

1.        High precise dimension, and good molding surface.

2.        High hardness

3.        Can be widely applied in many lines to make complicated shape goods, like lamps direction, automobile products, house and office products, bathroom hardware, electron and electrical equipment, tableware, toy, etc.

4.        High output

5.        High usage of metal


However so far it also has some disadvantages, like easily has some air bubble and shrinkage, not suitable for small scale production, the mould life is short.


When you want to make casting product, you need choose the suitable steel according the product requirement, normally they can be lead alloy, tin alloys, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy.


Sino can make the die casting mould according the characters of your product and output requirement, if you need the die casting tool, pls contact with us soon.


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