Design of keyboard interface circuit based on complex programmable logic device

“The reactive power compensation device is a device used to compensate the shortage of reactive power in the grid, improve the power factor, ensure the safe operation of the power supply system and save electric energy, and its core is the controller. This controller integrates reactive power compensation, power metering,… Continue reading

Singapore’s first COB high-definition display – manufactured by Ledman

Ledman COB high-definition Display supports various installation methods such as floor-standing, inlaid, and wall-mounted. Make full use of the COB high-definition display’s slim body and excellent heat dissipation. It is worth mentioning that it took less than two days from installation to lighting of this display screen. The installation was… Continue reading

Huawei has really been a good news one after another recently, and the P10 mobile phone has begun to push the Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2 beta version

For Huawei, there has been a series of good news in recent days. First of all, with the unremitting efforts of the Chinese government, on September 24, local time, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, left Canada on a chartered plane by the Chinese government, returned to the motherland, and… Continue reading

Upgraded mass production of high-precision ultra-thin structured glass wafers with tolerances below 20 microns

Mainz, Germany, September 8, 2020 – The SCHOTT structured glass wafer and slide combination FLEXINITY® now combines the best precision, tight tolerances (below 20 microns (± 10 microns)), maximum thickness and Features include a wide range of widths (from ultra-thin thicknesses of 0.1 – 3.3 mm to ultra-wide diameters of… Continue reading

The development prospect of wearable devices in the medical and health industry

The application of wearable devices in the medical field is to simplify and facilitate medical facilities through the advancement of technology and business models. In terms of medical treatment, the business models of treatment and diagnosis are different according to different classifications of diseases, and in terms of treatment, the… Continue reading

Application of DDR3 Memory Interface Controller IP Core in Video Data Processing

DDR3 memory systems can greatly improve the performance of various data processing applications. However, DDR3 memory devices have some new requirements compared to past generations (DDR and DDR2). To take full advantage of the benefits of DDR3 memory, it is important to use an efficient and easy-to-use DDR3 memory interface… Continue reading

Detailed explanation: the difference between FIR filter and IIR filter

“Both filters are digital filters. According to the difference in impulse response, digital filters are divided into finite impulse response (FIR) filters and infinite impulse response (IIR) filters. For FIR filters, the impulse response decays to zero in a finite time, and its output depends only on the current and… Continue reading

How to escort trillions of connected devices? Arm has a reference answer to “the most secure Internet of Things”

On December 3, 2017, the 4th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen. The Arm security architecture was selected as the “2017 World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement” and was released on the first day of the World Internet Conference. Among them, the latest development of Arm security architecture,… Continue reading