Ready to Go, Igniting Ideas – Xilinx and Launch the First Xilinx Adaptive Computing Challenge

July 8, 2020, Beijing, China – Xilinx and, the world’s fastest growing community of developers for learning, programming, and building hardware, launched the inaugural Xilinx Adaptive Computing Challenge. ) has now kicked off. Xilinx invites independent developers and startups to use the Vitis™ unified software platform and Vitis AI… Continue reading

Advanced Energy introduces an ultra-compact, high-power-density DC/DC power converter for telecom and datacom equipment

Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) has been committed to the development of various advanced high-precision power conversion, measurement and control systems and other solutions, and this technology has been leading the world. The company announced the launch of a new ultra-compact 48V input DC/DC power converter, and the introduction of the… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Sensor Interfaces: Securing Microcontrollers

“In the most basic attempts to play with the hardware, we often connect sensors directly to microcontroller I/O pins. In an ideal noise-free and static-free world, this would be a reasonable approach. “ In almost all cases, you should consider some form of input protection between the sensor and the… Continue reading

Both revenue and net profit have skyrocketed. Two years ago, Yeying Microelectronics, which had only 7 employees, was going to be listed?

According to the latest regional economic outlook report released by the World Bank recently, by the end of this year, the economic losses caused by the new crown epidemic to the Middle East and North Africa are expected to be close to 200 billion US dollars. The invisible economic losses… Continue reading

Increase bandwidth for future-proof CATV solutions

[Introduction]The future entertainment system and home office environment are rapidly developing towards more two-way interactive models, which requires increased downlink bandwidth and uplink capacity. In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the growing cable television service (CATV), innovative technologies are required to meet user demands. CATV amplifiers based on… Continue reading

Design of Distributed Network Based on PROFIBUS-DP Bus Technology

“The station interlocking system is an important part of the railway signal system. Its main task is to control the signals and turnouts in the station, process the status of the signal lights and select the route. With the informatization development of railway signal system, the computer interlocking system will… Continue reading

China Satellite Navigation System Management Office: The 14th Five-Year Plan for Beidou Industry to Reach Trillion Scale

On May 26, the 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference opened in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Yang Jun, deputy director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office, said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” period will focus on the construction of the Beidou industrial ecology and the research and development, promotion, application… Continue reading

OPPO opens its first overseas 5G innovation lab in India

OPPO announced the establishment of a 5G innovation laboratory at the R&D center in Hyderabad, India, focusing on the research and development of core product technologies under the 5G interconnected ecosystem, and will accelerate the promotion of this technology in India. OPPO said that the establishment of the 5G Innovation… Continue reading

AIC AGCO Microelectronics Receives CEVA 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 IP License for IoT Connectivity

CEVA, the world’s leading licensor of signal processing platforms and AI processors for smart and connected devices (NASDAQ: CEVA), announced that AIC Microelectronics, an emerging Chinese IC designer focused on the Internet of Things market semiconductor Co., Ltd. has licensed the RivieraWaves 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 IP from CEVA for its… Continue reading

Huawei Receives “Outstanding” Certification for Technical Support from Technical Service Industry Association TSIA

Recently, at the “Technical Services World” annual conference held by the technical services industry association TSIA, Huawei Enterprise Services was awarded the “Outstanding” certification for technical support in the EMEA region (EMEA includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). According to TSIA’s official evaluation, obtaining this “outstanding” certification means that… Continue reading