Analysis of Volkswagen’s investment in China and Ford’s cooperation

Some time ago, the issue discussed was the view of the epidemic on the automobile industry. At present, it seems that Europe (Germany and France) is to accelerate the transformation in the direction of new energy vehicles. Therefore, as we understood before, there is no discussion about whether the effective… Continue reading

How to use SPXOs to meet low-power circuit requirements for simple and affordable functionality

“Designers need accurate and reliable oscillators that provide stable timing over a wide range of applications and operating temperatures. Discrete crystal-controlled oscillators can meet the required performance characteristics, but it is technically difficult to design with crystals effectively, and is time-consuming and unnecessary cost. In addition, it is not optimal… Continue reading

Oscilloscope hardware bandwidth limiting and high and low pass digital filtering

“The function of the oscilloscope is to transform the electrical signal invisible to the naked eye into a visible image. The better the oscilloscope, the more it can restore the true appearance of the signal, and the signal we certainly do not want to see has been “beautified”. However, in… Continue reading