Canadian shipping port to make history in North America

The Port of Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada, is likely to become the first in North America to have the capacity to accommodate the largest shipping containers in the world, if the proposed and highly supported  development goes ahead. Sydney Harbour Investment Partners (SHIP) and Ports America – the biggest… Continue reading

Huang Yan, deputy general manager of Guangxi Tourism Development Group, visited Pingguo Aluminum

On August 8, Deputy General Manager of Guangxi Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Party Secretary and Executive Director of Guangxi Lufa Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. Huang Yan, Director and Vice President of Guangxi Baise Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd., Ma Huashan, visited Chinalco Ping A visit from Guo… Continue reading

Buyers of steel in emerging markets remain cautious

The world’s emerging economies are seeing the price of steel slowly rise; however, their buyers remain sensitive to purchasing.  Brazil – The Brazilian steel industry has seriously struggled to adjust to the incredibly unpredictable business environment. Purchasers intend on sticking to their current strategies of a cautious attitude throughout November,… Continue reading

London Zoo swaps plastic water bottles for aluminium cans designed by Christopher Raeburn

Canowater has revealed the latest addition to its range of environmentally friendly water cans – a special-edition container created by fashion designer Christopher Raeburn for London Zoo. A UK-based company, Canowater was established in 2015 with the aim of creating a “sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles”. It instead packages drinking water inside aluminium… Continue reading

Are You Aware Of The Difficulties In Processing Stainless Steel Materials?

The stainless steel material is based on iron, but it has better performance than ordinary steel and iron. The addition of alloying elements allows stainless steel materials to have corrosion resistance at normal temperatures and even high temperatures, as well as physical properties due to general materials. First, the material… Continue reading

CRRC on the Fast Track

The Plan China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), is China’s main railway vehicle manufacturer. Even though they are China’s leading train manufacturer, they have bigger goals they hope to accomplish over the course of the next several years. CRRC plans to expand globally, establishing eleven regional branches throughout the world… Continue reading

What Goods Can a Sea Container Hold?

In fact, most of the goods can be transported by sea in containers, only a few are not suitable.According to China’s “provisions on the development of China’s container transport several issues”, the goods suitable for containerization are 12 categories, namely, electricity, instruments, small machinery, glass ceramics, handicrafts, printed matter and… Continue reading

The Use of Electrogalvanized Steel Coil

Electrogalvanized steel coil refers to the roll-shaped galvanized sheet adopting electrolytic galvanizing process. Galvanized steel coil, a steel material coated with zinc on its surface. The galvanized coil is the predecessor of the galvanized sheet. The equipment is used to cut the galvanized coil into a sheet. The galvanized coil… Continue reading