Zinc hits a 9-year high

The momentous rally from metals does not appear to be showing signs of stopping. The Bloomberg Industrial Metals sub-index posted the biggest five-day gain since 2011. Prices have rallied in response to China’s top economic commission approving the construction of a $36 billion plan for new rail links around Beijing,… Continue reading

Chinalco Shanxi New Materials held July economic activity analysis meeting

On August 8, Chinalco Shanxi New Materials held a July economic activity analysis meeting to summarize and analyze the production and operation conditions in July, and arrange the deployment of key tasks in the next phase.Guo Weili, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chinalco Shanxi New Materials, emphasized… Continue reading

Why Should Train Rails Use Rusty Steel Instead of Stainless Steel?

Train is a very important means of transportation in our country. It can be used not only to carry people but also to carry goods. The carrying capacity is very large. I believe that everyone has taken a train. Although the train is often crowded, the environment is relatively slower… Continue reading

tensile strength

The tensile strength of high-strength concrete is divided into three types: axial tensile strength, split tensile strength and bending strength. Because the axial tensile test is more complicated, it is rarely done; the split tensile strength test piece is cube in our country, and the cylinder is often used in… Continue reading

Summary of aluminum prices in the domestic spot market on August 2021, 8

  Date Yangtze River Nonferrous Shanghai Futures Nanhai Nonferrous Guangdong South Reserve Shanghai Spot Chinalco Quotation LME electronic disk 08 13 20040 20105 20430 20170 20040 20050 08 12 20040 20100 20460 20180 20040 20030 2575 08 11 20060 20095 20510 20250 20070 20080 2585 08 10 19860 19935 20300… Continue reading

Injection molding machine and different types of it

According to Wikipedia, an injection molding machine, also known as an injection press, is a machine for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit. Injection molding machines can fasten the molds in either a horizontal or… Continue reading