Wood screws vs drywall screws

Wood screws are better than drywall screws for woodworking projects. Drywall screws are made of hardened, brittle steel, and the shaft will often snap during installation, especially if they’re screwed into hardwoods. That can be a disaster when you’re working with finished material and you want to remove the screw… Continue reading

Cryorig C7 Cu puts a hunk of copper in small spaces

Copper is an excellent material for heatsinks, but its high cost when compared to aluminum means it’s sparingly used in heatsinks and other cooling components. Cryorig’s C7 Cu CPU cooler capitalizes on the material’s higher thermal conductivity to deliver high cooling performance in compact spaces where tower coolers might otherwise not be… Continue reading

SA mining production falls by 3,4% in Q2 says Stats SA

[Ferro-Alloys.wiki] SA mining production falls by 3,4% in Q2 says Stats SA The South African mining production recorded its fourth consecutive quarter of decline in the second quarter of 2022, falling by 3.4 % on a seasonally adjusted basis. Juan-Pierre Terblanche, principal survey statistician at Stats SA has , provided an… Continue reading

Chinese steel companies increase overcapacity

Chinese steel companies increase overcapacity In fact, China’s government has agreed to reduce overcapacity among steel companies – but, according to a study, they have risen even higher. A new law could turn the trend now. Global overcapacities have been causing problems for the steel industry for a long time…. Continue reading

Copper production increase, gold and silver production decline in June ,Mexico

From the news of Mexico City On August 31, Mexico’s national bureau of statistics released on Wednesday showed that the copper Production in Mexico went up 11.9% in June compare to last year.  Meanwhile ,Bureau of statistics said also, silver Output fell down 9.6% in June. Following is the detailed… Continue reading