Are faltering oil companies looking to invest in renewable energies?

Low crude oil prices have for some time now been seen as a barrier to the progression of renewable energies, but are times beginning to change? Due to the faltering and unreliable market of crude oil, with prices continuing to plummet, companies such as Gulf Island Fabrication inc. are beginning… Continue reading

MTSCO 10th anniversary celebration

China 10th anniversary celebration To celebrate the 10th Establishment of China, we held a celebration on Dec .21st, 2016. China established in 2006, during 10 years’ development, now becomes a large and professional industrial piping system provider, serving customers from more than 100 countries and regions.    All of China… Continue reading

China Supports Australia to Produce Cleaner Iron Ore

As highlighted by Bloomberg’s news, China has assumed a new challenge to develop a $3.4 billion project on Australia’s remote Eyre Peninsula to meet increased demand for cleaner iron ore. China Railway Group Ltd., the world’s second-largest infrastructure builder, is backing the mine, port and rail-road project that aims to… Continue reading

Design and Application of Distributed Variable Frequency Pump System

1. The principle of distributed variable frequency pump system   In the traditional heating branch pipe network system, a set of circulating pumps are generally installed at the heat source or in the heat exchange station, and the flow, head and number of circulating pumps are selected according to the flow… Continue reading

An African Alliance

The African based country of Morocco has agreed to assist the recently independent republic of South Sudan to build a brand new capital city. A $5 feasibility project was funded by Morocco and will now be launched into the project following a two-day state visit by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI… Continue reading