Demand for second-hand equipment is harming manufacturers in the US

Used machinery is becoming an increasing source of investment for many construction firms, as opposed to buying top of the range and unused equipment. Equipment manufacturers who are battling concerning levels of weakened demand are finding their customers are looking to cost-cut, by introducing business methods, such as buying cheaper… Continue reading

Solar Impulse 2 completes historic flight by landing in Abu Dhabi

The Solar Impulse 2 plane has landed in Abu Dhabi more than a year after its initial take off, completing the first round-the-world flight to be powered solely by the sun’s energy. The pre-dawn landing Tuesday by pilot Bertrand Piccard marks the end of an epic 25,000-mile (40,000-kilometer) journey. The… Continue reading

Major Russian-Chinese copper, gold plant starts commissioning

Russian mining giant Norilsk Nickel said on Tuesday that it has begun commissioning its joint-venture processing plant with a Chinese partner in Bystrinsky, a district near Russia’s fareastern border with China. Highland Fund, a consortium of Chinese investment funds and corporations, has a 13.3-percent stake in the project.` The plant… Continue reading

The usage of stainless steel woven mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh can be used for flood prevention, traffic, building, safe net, infranet, surface wire of water conservancy, and so on. The metal wire mesh is made from stainless steel.  Features: Corrosion resisting, high intensity, compliance.  Classes: Square wire mesh, dense wire mesh, long width wire mesh and… Continue reading

Bronze Metal Facts

Bronze is one of the earliest metals known to man. It is defined as an alloy made of copper and another metal, usually tin. Compositions vary, but most modern bronze is 88% copper  and 12% tin. Bronze may also contain manganese, aluminum, nickel, phosphorus, silicon, arsenic, or zinc. At one time, bronze… Continue reading

Why is Chinese Steel so prevalent in the US presidential debates?

Two consecutive debates between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two presidential nominees, have now seen the topic of Chinese steel crop up. It can be viewed as quite surprising that the nominees would opt to discuss international trade of Chinese steel; due to the fact in the grand scheme… Continue reading

POSCO increases offer to purchase Senex Energy

[] POSCO International Corporation further increases its offer to purchase Senex Energy (SXY) for $4.60 cash per share This is the third time POSCO has increased its offer, as just last month it offered $4.40 cash for each share Senex has also agreed to extend POSCO’s exclusivity period to November… Continue reading

What Are The Advantages of Seamless Steel Pipes in Use?

Compared with many steels, seamless steel tubes have excellent characteristics. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, they have light weight when they have  the same bending and torsional strength. They are economical section steels and have a wide range of uses. In manufacturing, we will focus on its… Continue reading