China Supports Australia to Produce Cleaner Iron Ore

As highlighted by Bloomberg’s news, China has assumed a new challenge to develop a $3.4 billion project on Australia’s remote Eyre Peninsula to meet increased demand for cleaner iron ore. China Railway Group Ltd., the world’s second-largest infrastructure builder, is backing the mine, port and rail-road project that aims to… Continue reading

Design and Application of Distributed Variable Frequency Pump System

1. The principle of distributed variable frequency pump system   In the traditional heating branch pipe network system, a set of circulating pumps are generally installed at the heat source or in the heat exchange station, and the flow, head and number of circulating pumps are selected according to the flow… Continue reading

An African Alliance

The African based country of Morocco has agreed to assist the recently independent republic of South Sudan to build a brand new capital city. A $5 feasibility project was funded by Morocco and will now be launched into the project following a two-day state visit by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI… Continue reading

CANADA Port Expansions Face an Uncertain Future

Canada is one of the world’s hottest container shipping markets. TEU important volume has been increasing dramatically in Canada’s largest shipping terminals such as Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, and Prince Rupert, growing 13.3 percent in 2017 alone. In 2018, container volume is expected to rise by 7 percent, while the United… Continue reading

Effect of Industrial Substance Conventional Elements on the Function of Titanium bar

Titanium bars exist in two shapes, one is free carbon (graphite), mainly in cast green titanium, and the other is compound carbon (titanium carbide), mainly in steel making titanium. Titanium carbide is hard However, brittleness, low plasticity, and proper content can improve the strength and hardness of titanium rods. Too… Continue reading

What is the production process of ultra-low carbon clean steel

Before and after the secondary refining process, the secondary oxidation of molten steel caused problems in the production of clean steel. The ferrous oxide, manganese oxide, and silicon dioxide contained in the slag or refractory materials in the ladle and tundish will oxidize the aluminum or titanium in the molten… Continue reading