Custom investment iron cast heavy-duty machinery part

Product Details     Key Specifications/Special Features: Process: Investment casting is an industrial process based on and also called lost-wax casting, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques From 5000 years ago, when beeswax formed the pattern, to today’s high-technology waxes, refractory materials and specialist alloys, the castings allow the… Continue reading

How much is a semi-automatic KN95 mask machine in Dongguan, Guangdong?

How much is a semi-automatic KN95 mask machine in Dongguan, Guangdong? There are billions of kn95 masks in demand worldwide. The production methods are basically automatic KN95 mask machine or semi-automatic KN95 mask machine. Most of the mask machine production comes from China. Dongguan, Guangdong, is also a major town… Continue reading

What you have to know about the hoodie film cutting machine

What you have to know about the hoodie film Cutting Machine One of the greatest mysteries is what to wear in the morning Especially when the weather with fluctuating temperature People can feel the temperature of four seasons in a day So down coats and T-shirts are their choices However,… Continue reading

Innovation and Practice of Hot Metal Pretreatment Technology

    Shougang International Engineering Co., Ltd. has a number of patented technologies for molten iron dephosphorization and desulphurization and slagging, which can combine with the individual needs of customers to provide molten iron in various locations such as steelmaking plants, blast furnace iron ditch, molten iron transportation line, and… Continue reading

Electrical Stamping Manufacturers

Electronic Stamping Electrical Stamping Manufacturers Introduction –Many years experience in metal stamping parts; –Prompt reply for enquiries; –Customized designs and specification are acceptable; –Advanced CAD, AutoCAD, Pro-E, Solid work 2001; –All the toolings are made by ourselves; –Strictly quality control with ISO9001:2008, testing; –Meet RoHs compliance. Main products include moulds,… Continue reading

Metal laser cutting machine creates artistic clothes rack

Metal laser Cutting Machine creates artistic clothes rack Clothes rack is an important part of home decoration, which can meet the different needs of home decoration. With the creation of laser technology, clothes rack is no longer the traditional old style. Metal laser cutting machine creates art clothes rack and… Continue reading

Metal stamping components

Metal stamping components ISO standard Metal stamping components for  Appliance/ Automotive/ Agricultural Electronics and so on at very competitive prices. Surface: as your requirement Material: steel / aluminum / brass / iron / zinc / alloy Any other material and dimension depends on customers’ demand. Usage: machinery / furniture /… Continue reading

Metal Stamping Products

Metal Stamping Your reliable Metal Stamping products manufacturer in China.Stamping is very common metal forming process,whick is used widely nowadays. Designing: According to customers drawings or samples Material: Steel, Stainless steel, Zine, Copper, Brass, Aluminum… Surface: Zinc, Power coating, Painting, Chrome, Nickel, Passivate Metal Stamping Products Brand Name By custom… Continue reading

Brass CNC machining parts

CNC machining Customize CNC brass parts precision brass CNC machining parts via drawings 1. Material to process: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, lucite, bakelite. 2. Precision: 0.010-0.002mm 3. Equipments: CNC lathe, processing center, miller, cylindrical bore grinder, surface form grinder, punching machine, etc. 4. Parts are used on vehicles,… Continue reading

A Wonderful Tour with Han’s Yueming Laser

A Wonderful Tour with Han’s Yueming Laser Love of beauty has been a universal value since ancient times and now “laser aesthetics” has swept across the world. The perfect combination of laser technology and craftsmanship is as the bright pearl on the crown and become the focus of various industries,… Continue reading