*Facilities for connecting new types of car body information power supply

Through a comprehensive analysis of many related factors that cause locomotive signal failures, it is concluded that the normal use of locomotive signals is mainly as follows: locomotive power supply fluctuates, locomotive power inverter output noise is large; o locomotive power supply is easy to ground, power supply Strong pulse… Continue reading

2013-05-27 10:17 Advertising engraving machine for the industry to add style

2013-05-27 10:17Advertising engraving machine for the industry to add style With economic development and social progress, and now people appreciate the level of aesthetics and increasingly high, acrylic advertising, pvc heterosexual advertising, three-dimensional patterns and so deeply loved and sought after by customers, the advertising industry, decoration decoration always in… Continue reading

Car air-conditioning wires, tires, etc. need to pay attention to maintenance

In the past two days, successive sunny days and high temperatures above 20 degrees are heralding a reality: summer is about to arrive. For most areas in Jiangnan, the rainy season and high temperature in the next few months will not be so pleasant. Such an environment can easily lead… Continue reading

Troubleshooting of Low Voltage Circuit of Automobile Ignition System

Whether the car ignition system is healthy or not directly affects whether the car engine can function. Therefore, we remind all netizens and car owners that in addition to paying attention to the operation of the car’s major parts, don’t ignore the small part of the ignition system! The following… Continue reading

Pasting process of soft tape on the guide rail of CNC machine tool

Guide rail soft tape pasting process (applicable to machine tool maintenance, refer to the implementation for use on the product) Preparation: The bonding site should be clean and dust-free, the ambient temperature should be 10-40 ℃, and the relative humidity should be less than 75%. The soft belt is treated… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Qixi is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. According to Chinese legend, a cowherd and a weaving maid were separated by the galaxy and allowed to meet only once a year in heaven on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which falls on Aug 13 this year .In… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Ever have one of those days when you just want to get away? Like, far away?How about a trip to space, via a polyethylene balloon, for you and a few friends? All it’ll cost is $125,000 per person.”Space Perspective reimagines the thrill of space exploration with the world’s most radically… Continue reading

2021China wins another honor Upload to:04-06 2021

Good news! The beginning of the new year, In March,  China won the high-tech enterprise certificate jointly issued by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, and Shandong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. The certificate number is GR202037003142. Technological innovation and… Continue reading

Application analysis of frequency converter in automobile air-conditioning

1 Preface The rapid development of the automobile market is bound to drive the development of related industries. As a necessary comfort function for automobiles, automobile air conditioners have also encountered unprecedented development opportunities. The car air conditioning system is a comfortable equipment for cooling, heating, ventilating and purifying the… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

silicone rubber is more and more popular because of its environmental performance. Now more and more other material products on the market are replaced by silicone rubber products. To understand the knowledge of silicone rubber products, we must start with silicone rubber raw materials.   1. According to the performance,… Continue reading