How to determine the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings?

In the design process of aluminum alloy die castings, many customers are uncertain about the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings, and they do not know how thin the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings can be. The aluminum alloy die-cast product wall is also not suitable for too thin,… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

According to a report: Slider Zipper Market, Which firstly published on Transparency Market Research (May, 2018, p.265), it is estimated that by the end of 2026, the global slide zipper bag market value will exceed $2.2 billion.                           … Continue reading

Complex aluminum alloy casing processing technology: casting, welding, extrusion

In electric vehicles, the weight of the power battery pack accounts for about 30% of the gross vehicle weight. The endless pursuit of energy density in automobiles and power battery systems all requires a lightweight design with a battery pack construction. Inside the battery pack system, the cabinet as the… Continue reading

Ways to improve the processing efficiency of precision parts

Earlier, we introduced to you where the main advantages of precision parts processing are reflected. Today will introduce some methods to improve the efficiency of precision parts processing: In the processing of non-standard equipment parts, common problems such as accelerated tool wear, poor processing appearance, and difficulty in chip… Continue reading

Functions and applications of stainless steel

Stainless steel corrosion resistant element Table of Contents Stainless steel corrosion resistant element Heat-resistant Stainless steel parts Chemical composition 1. Ferritic stainless steel: 2. Austenitic stainless steel: 3. Duplex Stainless Steel: Ferritic Two-Phase Stainless Steel: 4, Martensitic stainless steel: 5, Precipitation hardening stainless steel: Stainless steel is usually divided into… Continue reading

What is the reason for the high temperature of the die-casting mold?

In the process of using the die-casting mold, we need to understand the reason why the temperature of the die-casting mold becomes higher, so what is the specific reason? Let’s take a look together below. Many accessories used by people in daily life are manufactured by die-casting molds, so this… Continue reading

Factors affecting the price of beryllium copper

International economic situation. The correlation between the commodity market and the economic situation is obvious, especially as the world economy is becoming increasingly globalized, and the commodity market and the economy are more related. Therefore, the price of beryllium copper is closely related to the economic situation.