some Advantages of non-standard parts processing with CNC machining

Non-standard parts processing refers to the processing of non-standard parts. We also have a certain understanding about non-standard parts in the front, knowing that this is a part corresponding to standard parts.The processing of non-standard parts can also be called special-shaped processing. If there is any advantage to it, it… Continue reading

Mazak Invests in Future at European HQ

Having paused for breath after completing a major expansion of its European manufacturing facility at Worcester, UK, Yamazaki Mazak is now embarking on another major investment. Construction has just commenced on what will be a dramatic extension to the 29,000-m² factory and office complex in Worcester, home of Yamazaki Mazak’s… Continue reading

Five Reasons to Work with Integrated CAD/CAM Software

Nowadays, we hear a lot about integrated CAD/CAM packages and many people wonder whether or not they should buy an integrated package or separate CAD and CAM packages. Here are just some of the reasons why it makes more sense to work with an integrated CAD/CAM package. Obviously a completely… Continue reading

Cooling time

The actual cooling time already begins with the filling of the cavity. However, freezing of the melt should be avoided in the filling phase. The main quantity of heat is exchanged after the molding is filled. The cooling time ends as soon as the temperature of all sections of the… Continue reading

What is the vacuum suction cup for CNC machining process ?

What is the vacuum suction cup for cnc machining process ?Vacuum suction cups, also known as vacuum spreaders, are one of the vacuum actuators. In general, the use of vacuum chucks to grab articles is one of the cheapest methods. Vacuum chucks are available in a variety of sizes. The… Continue reading

Plastic injection mould|good injection mold maker-Pastic mould

 With plastic product widely used, injection mold industry developed at the same time. There are many injection mold makers in China. But how to choose a good injection mold maker is the important question for injection mold buyer?   Nowadays, the mould tooling is mostly done by machine, so the machine  Accuracy will affect the mould quality directly. Sino Mould is the famous plastic injection mold makers located in Huangyan city, Zhejiang province China.    As good injection mold maker in China, We have more than 21 sets CNC tooling machine from small size to bit size. Including three sets high precision CNC milling center from Italy, two sets high precision CNC milling center from German, two sets five axis high speed CNC milling center from Italy. There are ,more than ten sets gun drilling machines, These equipment provide a strong tooling background..   Please feel free to contact with me if you have any interested in plastic injection moulds. Link to this article:Plastic injection mould|good injection mold maker-Pastic mould Reprint Statement: If there are no special instructions, all articles on this site are original. Please indicate the source for reprinting:Mold Wiki,Thanks

Sinopec expects much smaller government subsidy

Sinopec, the country’s largest oil refiner, said it believed it would not receive a large subsidy this year from the government, reported Friday’s Shanghai Securities News, a newspaper run by Xinhua News Agency. Sinopec received government subsidies of 10 billion yuan (US$1.36 billion) and five billion yuan respectively in 2005… Continue reading

What are the necessary skills for professional CNC processors?

cnc machining has high degree of automation, high precision and high working efficiency, but these are inseparable from the preparation of professional CNC processors before processing, the supervision of processing, the detection of processing effects, etc. CNC machining is inseparable from a professional processor. . Here are the necessary skills… Continue reading

Precision mould requirement

lamp mould,fan mould,electronic component mould,all required high precision tooling.especially for OEM parts.Lamp moulds for OEM,automobile inner trim for DPSA,after sales service market,automotive moulds for after marketing,automotive moulds maker China. For the precision mould,we must get ready at the beginning.For the product design,mould design,tooling machine choosing,assembling.every step we must be very… Continue reading