Plastic Mold Maker China

China can manufacture high quality plastic moulds China, is the professional plastic injection mold maker China, our plastic molding containers are designed with creative idea, made by high-end injection molding technology. We can make all kinds of plastic injecting molds China, We make plastic injection molds for the articles of… Continue reading

tray mould

China plastic moulds manufacturer — Sino Mould professional designs and manufactures plastic tray moulds. Find complete details about tray moulds from China Sino Mould. You can also find variety of different sizes of tray moulds. 5 gallon tray mould, egg tray mould, dish tray mould, fan tray mould, etc. Sino… Continue reading

Independent R&D in Mould Industry, China Manufacture Industry turns to be changed

      As products made in China encounter rejections in world market, and traditional advantages of China’s manufacturing industry having been imitated by Latin American countries, China can’t base its advantages on cheap labours and raw material any more, for the low profit. Gradually, Chinese enterprises are turning their attentions to… Continue reading

Powder Metallurgy Awards Contest Opens

The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has announced the launch of the next installment in its series of annual competitions for the prestigious Awards for Excellence in Powder Metallurgy. Prizewinners will be recognized on September 30, 2008, at the Euro PM2008 Congress and Exhibition in Mannheim, Germany, which takes place… Continue reading

Pastic Mould’s Details about Customer Visits

We all know that a company's brand not only refers to the value of the product itself, but more importantly, its pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. Customers will consider the entire marketing model of a company before purchasing a product. To a certain extent,good customer service is very important. Sino… Continue reading

VMCs Provide Improved Surface Quality for Eyeglass Lens Molds

Carl Zeiss Vision improves crucial surface quality of its polycarbonate eyeglass lens molds and designed repeatability and added capacity into their metal mold operation. For decades, scientists, doctors, researchers and engineers around the world have relied on precision-perfect optics from Carl Zeiss. From surgical microscopes and lasers, to telescopes and… Continue reading

Hand Lay-Up

Hand lay-up is the simplest and oldest open molding method of the composite fabrication processes. It is a low volume, labor intensive method suited especially for large components, such as boat hulls. Glass or other reinforcing mat or woven fabric or roving is positioned manually in the open mold, and… Continue reading

Solid Carbide Thread Mills have internal coolant supply.

By precisely applying coolant where it is needed, SHUR-THREAD GFI Series helps eliminates waste for any size machine shop or production volume. Micro-grain carbide and TiCN-coated products are engineered with multiple spiral flutes to eliminate chatter, and extended milling portion allows for up to 2xD length-of-cut. While enlarged flute space… Continue reading

How to Control the Precision for Anodized Aluminium Components

As a professional machining supplier,many customers will ask Lemo one question:does the anodizing affect the precision of aluminium components?The answer is yes,the anodizing will affect the precision of aluminium components.Because anodizing is a kind of chemical treatment,it will change the surface property of aluminium and then make the surface harder.It… Continue reading