Staged Bending Tooling completes multiple bends in one setup.

Designed to minimize setup time for multi-stage bends on press brakes, European-style Staged Bending Tooling allows one press brake operator to carry out complex series of bends in one machine setup. Products incorporate built-in common shut heights and enable 30° offset, gooseneck, and other tools to be installed in succession… Continue reading

Hot-Runner Mold Inserts Offer Cooling Enhancement

Improved cavity filling and cooling are the aims of a new line of inserts for hot runners that are made by “selected laser melting” (SLM) of H-13 steel powders. Developed by HRSFlow HotRunner Technology in Italy (represented here by HRS Hot Runner System NA Inc., Windsor, Ont.), the SLM inserts… Continue reading

The useage of cutting tools for aluminum machining

With the improvement of standard of living,people like metal products more and more.This makes the aluminium used in many fields.Because of the special features of aluminium,whether you use which process to produce the products,the tools are not very satisfied for efficiency,lifetime and workpiece’s gloss,etc.The features of aluminium:Compare to steel and… Continue reading

Buy Chinese plastic test tube injection mould

Sino Mould Co.,ltd is a professional plastic injection mould manufacturer and main plastic injection mould exporter in Zhejiang, China. Sino Mould can supply PET plastic molding line, like the PET perform plastic mould ,PET plastic cap injection mould, PET plastic test tube mould and PET syringe mould and so on…. Continue reading

What Is The CNC Machining Accuracy ?

The accuracy of CNC mechanical computer gong processing refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the CNC parts after machining match the ideal geometric parameters.The higher the degree of conformity, the higher the machining accuracy. The degree of deviation of the actual… Continue reading

Data is very important when CNC machining

We often see that some precision machinery manufacturing companies in Dongguan complain that the precision that customers want has not been achieved, etc. In this regard, I would like to say that those manufacturing precision CNC machinery manufacturing companies in Dongguan are generally companies with many large machinery. The machinery of those… Continue reading

How to deal with deformation during the processing of CNC mechanical parts?

During processing of precision CNC machined parts, due to the complexity of its structure and the special materials, it will encounter various stress and deformation problems that engineers cannot predict during the processing.Engineers who focus on precision cnc machining summarize their rich experience in actual CNC machining, mainly in the… Continue reading

Capabilities of sipxmach Metal Stampings

sipxmach is a leading Metal Stamping Manufacturer of Compound Die Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, High Speed Precision Stamping, Precision Stamping, Progressive Die Stamping in China. sipxmach knows how to take a design from function, shape and fit, to a quality stamping part that can be manufactured consistently and stablely, we own… Continue reading

Siemens Simatic? PCS 7 Enhancements Open Advanced Process Control to Everyone

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. today announced that it has enhanced Version 7 of its SIMATIC® PCS 7 Process Automation System to include a comprehensive set of easy-to-use advanced process control (APC) capabilities. From basic to advanced process control, the PCS 7 system improvements give chemical, petrochemical, ethanol, glass, and… Continue reading