Plastic Mould|preform mould-Pastic Mould

Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd, Chinese high mentality packaging mould company, specialized in offering customers high quality multi-cavities PET preform mould, cap mould, blowing bottle mould and medical parts mouold etc.   Annually, we made more than 120 sets of various PET preform mould, such as 5 gallon preform mould,… Continue reading

What are the non-metallic standards for Non-standard parts ?

With the continuous progress of the times, the development of our industry is something that everyone can see and how good it is. These are the efforts and efforts that cannot be separated from it. Only after paying can we harvest the fruits full of non-standards. precision cnc machining processing is… Continue reading

Medical packaging mould

Medical packaging moulds, like testing tube moulds, Petri dish moulds, syringe moulds and drugs packaging molds. Sino Mould can export these moulds for you, and also can offer the whole production line for medical packaging molding line. Medical packaging mould have high requirement on the products health, like syrings, Petri… Continue reading

Lean Manufacturing Trims Leadtimes(2)

mold Components: Industry Changes Much like the hot runner market, the components sector also has seen faster delivery times. Mike Hicks, North American Sales Manager at DMS (Oldcastle, ON), points out that in addition to quicker deliveries is less expense—with quality a given. “The industry is much more open-minded and… Continue reading

Sescoi Milestone: WorkNC Is 20 Years Old

In the late 1980s, CNC programming of complex components was a difficult, lengthy process. Then Bruno Marko and Gérard Billard, the driving forces behind Sescoi, pioneered the development of a reliable and automatic 3-axis CAM system. WorkNC was launched in 1988. Now, 20 years later, the software has evolved into… Continue reading

Is the CNC machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?

First, is the cnc machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are common mechanical equipments. There are similarities and differences between the two. If it is hard to say that the CNC machining center is good or the engraving and milling… Continue reading