What is the difference in the effect of CNC machining parts ?

With the development of society, the machinery industry is getting better and better, and there are more and more processing methods. Do you know what is non-standard parts processing ? Let us talk about the effect of non-standard parts with cnc machining processing.  1. Combined processing. Use physical and chemical methods… Continue reading

OEM Machined Parts Made For BMW Automotive

Our OEM machined parts are widely used in Automotive industry, There customized components made from the plastic materia, aluminum ,stainless steel material. Pls see below photos showed our CNC machined parts and plastic injection parts used in BMW Auto.Very good quality and excellent service has been praised by our customers. If you… Continue reading

How to solve the problem of deformation in POM material processing?

The deformation of pom super steel material is mainly caused by several factors:1. Clamping deformation, POM material is not like steel, the clamping will be deformed, and the product will return to its original state after loosening after rough machining.2. Thermal deformation, a lot of heat will be generated during… Continue reading

Precision CNC machining manufacturers explain how CNC CNC lathes are processed

According to the introduction of precision CNC machining manufacturers, the large-scale CNC machining parts are made of bar materials, and the process plan of rough machining and finishing is adopted. The specific process flow is as follows: blank → rough turning → rough milling → aging → fine turning →… Continue reading