China: Contracts signed at Guangzhou Fair total US$25.43 billion

Guangzhou, China, 23 April – The first phase of the 103rd edition of the Chinese Product Import Export Fair, better known as the Guangzhou Fair, ended Sunday with export contracts signed to the value of US$25.43 billion, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Xu Bin, spokesman for the event, said that the value of contracts signed represented a rise of 1.8 percent against the previous edition, held in October 2007..

The first stage of this edition of the fair is in two sections.

The first took place between 15 and 20 April and focused on products such as textiles, home products, tools and small vehicles whilst the second section, from 25 to 30 April, focuses on food products, tea, kitchen items, decoration, toys, sports and office products.

According to the spokesman, the number of visitors rose 1.4 percent against the October fair and European, Middle Eastern and US companies remained the biggest buyers of Chinese products.

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