China Ghost chair molds suppliers


When we attend some plastic injection mould exhibitions in Italy, Germany,
We saw some high fashion chair samples,
To manufacture these kinds of chairs, China chair molds suppliers have a lot experience.
One of them, named Ghost chair molds
China Ghoest chair molds material: transparent pc
China Ghoest chair molds deminsion: 500*470*800 mm
China Ghoest chair molds weight: around 5kg
China Ghoest chair injection machine: DKM4800T
As for high requirments for the product,
We suggest DIN1.2738 from Germany to be the steel of this China ghost chair mould,
This steel is better for excellent polish,
And consider the high weight injection, the mould will be manufactured to be stronger.
We leave the ghost chair mould frame to be bigger.
China ghost chair mould has a lot of key points, to know more information,
Please contact Miss Sonia.

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