Cleaning method of hydraulic components when repairing servo hydraulic press


Because of the high precision of the original servo Hydraulic Press, the clearance between the moving parts is small. If impurities or metal are mixed into the installation, it will cause the hydraulic components to wear or jam, and even cause mechanical damage in severe cases. Therefore, before the hydraulic components are installed, it is necessary to clean the hydraulic components once.

After the hydraulic system has been used and operated for a long period of time, because the hydraulic oil of the servo hydraulic machine is aging and degenerated, there may be a kind of magazine dirt mixed with water, film and oil, which will definitely affect the operating function of the system. Therefore, the hydraulic system should be set regularly. clean.

Regardless of whether the hydraulic original is a hydraulic system, it is necessary to pay attention to the following questions in cleaning.

  • 1. When cleaning the tubing, avoid dirt and impurities such as cotton yarn from mixing into the tubing and affecting the function of the system.
  • 2. When cleaning the main system, a temporary oil filter should be installed at the oil return pipe port of the main circuit to filter out the impurities in the main system.
  • 3. For the cleaning of the main system, kerosene, alcohol, etc. cannot be used as cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of hydraulic components. Usually, steam turbine oil with a temperature of 38°C and a viscosity of 20cst is used as the cleaning agent. If the temperature of the oil is increased to 50°C-80°C, its cleaning effect will be better.
  • 4. After the cleaning is over, all organizations should recover their original position, and clean the fuel tank everywhere. I need to add enough new hydraulic oil to the equipment operation manual.
  • 5. After cleaning the original parts and hydraulic system, it is necessary to go through item-by-item debugging before it can be put into use.

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