CNC manual programming methods and procedures during CNC machining (1)

CNC manual programming methods and procedures for cnc machiningThe main contents of NC programming are: analysis of parts drawings to determine the process, numerical calculations, preparation of processing procedures, proofreading procedures and the first test cut. 
The specific steps of programming are explained as follows: Analyze the pattern and determine the process. Process the parts on the cnc machine. The original data that the craftsman gets is the parts drawing. According to the parts drawing, the shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, workpiece material, blank type, and heat treatment status of the part can be analyzed. Then the machine tool and tool are selected to determine the positioning and clamping device, processing method, processing sequence and cutting amount. size. In determining the process, we must fully consider the command functions of the CNC machine tools used, give full play to the efficiency of the machine tool, and achieve a reasonable processing route, fewer number of passes and short processing time. In addition, relevant technical documents, such as CNC machining process cards, CNC tool cards, and tool path maps, should also be filled out.
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