Cnc processing lathe rolling guide

The rolling guide pair of the cnc machining lathe is to arrange rolling elements between the working faces of the guide rails so that the rolling surfaces of the guide rails are rolling friction. The rolling guide has a small friction coefficient (generally about 0.003), the difference between the dynamic and static friction coefficients is small, and it is hardly affected by the movement change, and has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, high sensitivity, and good precision retention. The rolling guides commonly used in modern cnc machine tools include rolling guide blocks and linear rolling guides.The rolling guide block, also known as the rolling guide support block, is a rolling guide for rolling motion of the rolling body, which is mostly used for medium load, and its structural type is as shown in the figure. 1 is a protective plate, and the end cover 2 and the guide piece 4 guide the rolling body (roller 3) to return, 5 is a holder, and 6 is a body. In use, the rolling rail block is mounted on the rail surface of the moving part, and each rail has at least two pieces. The number of the rail blocks depends on the length of the rail and the size of the load, and the matching rails are mostly inlaid steel quenching rails. When the moving member moves, the roller 3 rolls between the guide surface of the support member and the body 6, and at the same time circulates around the body 6, and the roller 3 does not contact the guide surface of the moving member. The rolling guide block is produced by professional manufacturers and has various specifications and types for customers to choose. The rolling guide block is characterized by high rigidity, large carrying capacity and easy disassembly.
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