Difference between Swiss type cnc lathe and gang type cnc lathe

Swiss Lathe will generally be used in bar processing of parts, large quantities, one-time forming(one time finished all procressing). As long as it relates to the rod parts processing with diameter not more than 32mm,swiss lathe has super advantage to process. Swiss Lathe fit together with feeding machine, it will be a independent production line. That will be good at rapid processing speed, and save labor cost.
Gang type cnc lathe is through the clamping chuck or the guide sleeve to hold materials, the tools moves to process the parts. The main advantage is “gang type lathe machining products with large diameter products ” But if machining slender shaft, complex shape, non standard shaft parts, this machine can not meet the requirements of production. Because gang type lathe is rely on the movement of the tool to complete the processing of parts, cutting tool and spindle guide set too far, so: 1.The rigid of processing of parts are not good 2. May play tools, that will have various seismic lines and knife grain, seriously affects the parts surface accuracy and appearance requirements. Such as non-standard shaft parts, generally gang type lathe will take two-time processing, which will increase the cost, and may affect the accuracy.
The main different: Gang type cnc lathe in processing, the tools is moving in XZ axis. But Swiss lathe is spindle moving as Z axis(generally speaking: swiss cnc is materials moving. Gang type cnc lathe is tools moving.)Swiss lathe machining products with One time clamping for more than 200mm length parts. And with turning and milling function in one,could process complicated parts in one time forming. These are superior to gang type machine.
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