Dimension specification for titanium rod, plate, tube and wire

The dimension of titanium material is one of the basic knowledge of titanium material, the dimension of titanium material generally refers to the length of titanium material, the length of titanium material mainly includes length, width, height, diameter, radius, inside diameter, outside diameter and wall thickness and so on. Titanium length is measured in meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), and so on. To know, they have to learn about titanium, including titanium rods, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium wires, etc., which are rolled from titanium and titanium alloys.

1. Size of titanium

Is a useful way to save information. Scale is the length or length by width is not less than a certain scale, or the length of the titanium plate. Length by width from many to many dimensions within the scale of delivery. Production units can produce according to this scale of demand for supply.

2. The feet

Refers to the general length, where the product size (length or width), within the size of the specification rules, but does not require a fixed scale is called an indeterminate ruler. Variable ruler length is also known as general length (through ruler). The metal material delivered according to the indeterminate ruler shall be delivered within the regular length scale. For example, for general round titanium not greater than 25mm, the general length rule is 4-10m, then the length of round titanium in this scale can be delivered.

3. Length

Cut into fixed dimensions according to the order requirements is called a fixed ruler. At the time of delivery at a fixed length, it is necessary that the metal data submitted be of the length specified by the buyer in the purchase contract. For example, if it is stated in the contract that delivery shall be made at a fixed length of 5m, it is necessary that all the materials delivered shall be 5m long, and any material shorter than or better than 5m shall be disqualified. But actually the delivery cannot all be 5m long, so the rule allows positive error, but not negative error.

4. Times the feet

Cut into integral multiples according to the fixed size of the order requirement is called a multiplier. At the time of delivery at the multiple ruler length, the length of the metal data to be submitted shall be an integral multiple of the length (called a single ruler) specified by the buyer in the purchase contract (additional sawing port). For example, if the buyer requires a single length of 2m in the order contract, then the length will be 4m when cut into double length and 6m when cut into 3 times length, without adding one or two saws. The quantity of the saw is regulated in the specification. When the ruler is delivered, only a positive error is allowed, not a negative deviation.

5. Narrow feet

The width is less than the lower limit of the indeterminate width of the rule, but not less than the narrowest allowable width is called a narrow ruler. When delivering by narrow gauge, it is necessary to pay attention to the narrow gauge portion and the narrowest gauge of the relevant specification rules.

6. A short ruler

The length is less than the lower limit of the indefinite length of the titanium tube, but not less than the minimum length allowed is called a short ruler. For example, the rules in the specification for water and gas delivery of titanium pipes allow for 10% (measured by number of roots) of 2-4m short ruler titanium pipes per batch. 4m is the lower limit of the indeterminate length, and the minimum allowable length is 2m.

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