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Sino Mould is one of the biggest plastic injection mould manufacturers in China,we specialized in this area for 20 years.We experienced in making disposable products mould: such as plastic spoon,plastic fork,plastic knife,plastic container……
For the fork knife spoon mould,we have made three types in one mould with 24 cavities,16cavities.We also made stack mould with 16+16cavities ,we injection this mould on DKM268Ton injection moulding machine,cycle time is 17S.Collocation with Hybrid molding machine, reduce the cycle time in 12S.
For the container mould, we have made minimum thickness is 0.040mm,we have made 2cavities,4cavities and 8 cavities mould size from 100ml-500ml,Our suggestion for container mould, steel material for cavity/core S136,2344 high hardness material.And for the cavity/core plate at least P20.Another important point is add water runner in the tripper plate, because in the high speed injection situation, stripper plate will be very hot, effect the life time of stripper plate.
If you are interested in it pls kindly contact with me.

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