Effect of Heat Treatment Process on Mechanical Properties of Spring Steel

In order to obtain a higher elastic limit, the heat treatment of the spring steel is mostly performed by quenching and medium temperature tempering in order to obtain a tempered troostite structure. The choice of quenching temperature is to ensure both austenitization and finer grains. Grain refinement can significantly increase the impact value of spring steel. In the 1990s, high fatigue strength spring steel containing Mo-V was developed, and the hardness of the steel changed with the quenching temperature and tempering temperature. It can be seen that the Mo-V spring steel still has a high hardness after tempering under R##S. There are T ways to strengthen steel, namely solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening and fine grain strengthening. In order to obtain this T strengthening method at the same time, vanadium and niobium are added to AISI 9260 (0.60C, 0.20Si, 0.85Mn) steel to develop A precipitation-strengthened spring steel for a suspension spring of a car. 

This steel has a precipitation strengthening effect at 850 degrees and tempering at 550 degrees. As the quenching temperature increases, the effect of precipitation strengthening is more pronounced. Below 950 °C, the grain of AISI9260 steel and V-Nb is obviously refined. The tensile strength, fatigue limit and plasticity and toughness of 60Si2CrVA steel after isothermal quenching are improved compared with ordinary quenching and tempering, but the yield strength and The proportional limit has dropped slightly. After the isothermal quenching, a supplementary tempering can increase the yield strength and the proportional limit of the steel, thereby obtaining the best comprehensive mechanical properties and the effects of different heat treatment processes on the mechanical properties of 60Si2CrVA steel.

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