Error compensation for primary mirror shaking of large aperture optical detection equipment

when the support point of primary mirror changes. This paper studies how to compensate the measuring errors caused by the primary mirror shaking and to improve the static measuring accuracy of the large aperture optical detection equipment. Firstly, the supporting structure and mechanic model of a lm diameter telescope were presented. Then, a new error compensation method for the large aperture telescope was proposed based on the analysis of the traditional three axis error compensation method and spherical harmonic error compensation method. The calibration experiments for the optical detec- tion equipment was performed. By selecting 32 stars whose refractions had been revised, the error of each system was solved to obtain the primary mirror shaking error and the three axis difference. As comparison with the traditional error compensation method, it shows that the static measurement accuracy of the telescope has increased from 15.4 "to 2.5 after the shaking error of the primary mirror is compensated. It concludes that the physical meaning of this method is clear, and each error component has good repeatability. It improves the static precision of large aperture telescope by compensating the shaking errors of primary mirror.
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