EUPEC BSM50GX120DN2 New Stock

EUPEC BSM50GX120DN2 New Stock EUPEC BSM50GX120DN2 New Stock

#BSM50GX120DN2 EUPEC BSM50GX120DN2 New ECONOPACK 2K/PKG IGBT POWER MODULE 1200-VOLT 72-AMP 350-WATT, BSM50GX120DN2 pictures, BSM50GX120DN2 price, #BSM50GX120DN2 supplier
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As is known to all, IGBT module has become the main power semiconductor device for its high impedance, low on-state voltage, high blocking voltage and super current bearing such features. Furthermore, IGBT module also have energy-saving, thermal stability and easy maintenance features. With the promotion of environment-friendly idea, the IGBT module is much more common to see on the market. 
IGBT is the core energy conversion and transmission device which is also named as the “CPU” of power electronics. Now , IGBT module has been widely applied to UPS, induction heating power supply, converter welding power source such fields. Besides, as a national strategic emerging industry, IGBT module also is in wide use in rail transportation, smart grid, aerospace, electric vehicles such fields.
Attention of BSM50GX120DN2:  
The BSM50GX120DN2 IGBT module should be placed under a suitable temperature and humidity environment. The normal temperture should be range from 5 to 35 Celsius. The normal humidity according to the regulation should be range from 45 to 75%. 
Not to put heavy things above BSM50GX120DN2 IGBT module.
The surface of BSM50GX120DN2 may appear dew when there is extreme temperature changes. So you’d better put IGBT module in environment with little temperature change.
The increase of electrode current of IGBT moudle will cause rated loss increase. Meanwhile, the IGBT module’s temperature will increase as the switching loss increases. So the best method is to choose the IGBT module whose rated current is greater than the load current.
EUPEC is a famous IGBT Module manufacturer and the BSM50GX120DN2 IGBT module it offers is great in appearance and quality. 
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