Fangtian tool management system solution, finally found

The tool management system is a set of comprehensive management system independently developed by Guangdong Fangtian Software Technology Co., Ltd., which can realize the docking with Fangtianyun and dynamically manage the knife tools. The system can clearly manage tool inventory, borrower inventory loan quantity, verification cycle, cost accounting, etc. The tool management system strengthens the enterprise’s information management of tools to ensure that all kinds of tools related to inventory, loan, return, lost, scrapped, repair, maintenance, and update information are all available to the enterprise at any time, and the tools are in an orderly manner Circulation, reasonable configuration and standardized management.

System Features:

  • 1. Be able to clearly record tool ledger information and provide decision-making data to managers. To
  • 2. Instead of filling in the traditional loan records manually, it provides efficiency and standardizes knife management.
  • 3. Adopting one object and one code, real-time grasp of tooling and tool holder measuring tool trends, tracking each tooling and tool holder measuring tool, strong traceability, support bar code scanning input-easy to operate, so that the recording process is not easy to make mistakes.
  • 4. Tracking lost, damaged or scrapped tool holder measuring tools-real-time understanding of tool holder consumption, tooling and tool holder measuring tool life management.
  • 5. The powerful reminder function reminds the calibration cycle of the measurement tool.

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