Features of all-electric injection molding machine

Manufacturing environment
1. The design and processing accuracy requirements are high, the shape design, and the quality requirements of the purchased accessories are also high;2. In the assembly, it is required to have the technical support of senior assembly technicians and a clean assembly work environment;3. A stable power supply voltage is required;4. If you increase the function, such as neutron core pulling, you need to increase the number of servo motors, the cost will be higher, and the maintenance cost is also high;5. The use of back pressure can easily cause the screw to jam;6. Mechanical transmission is prone to wear and tear, and more lubricating grease needs to be used;7. Only machine hinges can be used to lock molds. In addition to the commonly used machine hinges, hydraulic presses also have a direct pressure mold clamping structure.2. In terms of accuracy and reliability of the control system:The control system of the all-electric injection molding machine is simpler than that of a hydraulic machine, and the response is quicker, with excellent control accuracy:1. The characteristics of the servo motor itself can guarantee to provide high-precision position and speed control, the precision of the ball screw can reach the micron level (0.01mm), and the positioning repeatability error is 0.01%;2. Provide high-response and high-sensitivity actions;3. Provide complex synchronous actions to shorten the production cycle;The installation dimensions of the full hydraulic press have its own international standards, and the components of multiple manufacturers can be interchanged, which brings easy maintenance and low cost; while the full-motor servo motor and its driver are different from each manufacturer, self-maintenance is difficult, and the maintenance cost is high.3. Production efficiency:The servo motor of the all-electric injection molding machine has excellent high-speed performance (up to 4000r.pm), and can provide complex synchronous overlapping actions in the production of high-precision and complex products, low-weight deviations or high-qualified products, such as simultaneous feeding when opening the mold And the ejection action greatly improves the production efficiency, and the hydraulic press generally cannot produce overlapping actions, and the work efficiency is inferior to the all-electric injection molding machine.Fourth, the performance-price ratio:Full hydraulic press has low manufacturing cost, but consumes a lot of energy. Energy saving needs to be realized by using variable pump or equipped with inverter. Full hydraulic press has two series of organic hinge type and direct pressure type for customers to choose from, especially in the manufacture of super large, High clamping force injection molding machines have advantages, while all-electric injection molding machines have the characteristics of energy saving, water saving, and high performance. The operating cost is greatly reduced, the processing cycle is short, the work efficiency is high, but the manufacturing cost is also high, and the variety is small (currently only Hinge type), the full motor is limited by the transmission mechanism and cannot be applied to large-scale machines with high clamping force.Lemo company can do injection molding parts by this advanced equipment,weclome to send us detail inquiry for all kinds of Injection molding parts. 
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