Flight from Guangzhou to Huangyan Pastic Mould

Are you looking for flight from Guangzhou to Huangyan?
Huangyan is a famous plastic mould town , China best plastic mould company Sino Mould is also located in Huangyan,Taizhou. Sino Mould is specialize in houseware mould, pipe fitting mould, home appliance mould, packaging mould, IML mould.

There are 3 flights everyday from Guangzhou to Huangyan can reach Sino Mould.
Flight 1: ZH9613 7:30 -9:30
Flight 2: MU5224 12:30-14:20
Flight 3: ZH9647 16:25-18:20

Guangzhou to Huangyan only 2 hours by air. Ticket cost around USD150. Before you arrive Huangyan airport, please feel free to contact Sino Mould to arrange the pick up and hotel! Welcome your visit to Sino Mould!
Book ticket from Guangzhou to Huangyan, wish you a fruitful trip!

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